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Ancient History Files

Why Do Archeologists Lie? New England’s Ancient Stone Chambers Revealed

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | There are hundreds of elaborate, man-made stone structures throughout New England, so why aren’t they being studied more by major institutions?

Understanding the Risk of Solar Flares to Our Planet

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | There’s a loophole in the normally benign relationship we have with the sun – and it could be of concern.

Our Secret Ancestors: We use their numbers – and their words

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | India’s Indus Valley teaches us the roots of our language and culture.


Andrew McKillop | The threat of war still looms behind the global chess match, but what form will it take in our near future?

LATEST: Photo that ‘proves’ Hitler lived to 95 with his Brazilian lover

21WIRE + Express | Report claims he lived to ripe old age of 95, under the alias “Adolph Leipzig”.

Clear and Present Danger? Yellowstone’s Caldera Super Volcano

21WIRE + RT | This is no conspiracy theory.

(VIDEO) Were we smarter 20 years ago?

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | A brilliant Bill Hicks video montage for the ages…

Mexican Government Releases Extraterrestrial Proof From Past and Present

21WIRE + Intellihub | Mexican Air Force pilots films and Mayan artifacts revealed – is this part of a larger ‘disclosure’ policy?

(VIDEO) What Do We Really Know About History?

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Time to ponder some big concepts, and bigger questions.

Comet ISON break-up: What could happen on Dec 16th in South Africa

Dahboo77 | All the world’s leaders are in South Africa, near its huge Sun Temple. Who will attend this ritual and why?

Explained: Transhumanist Agenda’s Biblical Roots

21st Century Wire | There are still aspects of history and ancient religious texts which we have yet to decode…

Pluto’s Gate Discovered: The Plutonium ‘Gate To Hell’ Found In Ancient City Of Hierapolis

Huffington Post | According to the Italian news agency ANSA, a team of archeologists working in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis in southwestern Turkey claims to have located the Plutonium, or Pluto’s Gate — an ancient pilgrim site considered the entryway to the underworld

‘Pax Romana’? Looking Back at a Massive Error in Modern U.S. History

Daily Star | Remembering that key moment which triggered a sharp moral and economic decline of the United States.

Archeology: 2000 year old Shoes Found In Egyptian Temple

Huffington Post | Whoever deposited the shoes never returned to collect them, and they were forgotten, until now.

US Science Journal Claims That Humans Descended From Rats

21WIRE + Yahoo! News | Determining how these animals first made it to Africa is now an important research question along with many others.

Sacred Knowledge of Vibration and the Incredible Power of Human Emotions

21WIRE + David Icke | Ancient cultures and societies knew about this quality – found in water.

Quantum Life: Who are we, where do we come from, and why are we here?

Mike Adams | Stephen Hawking has got it wrong in his quest to master the “theory of everything”.