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In the 21st century, WikiLeaks represents one the purest forms of press outlets - they receive information, vet it, curate for suitable presentation, and then publish it. Because of their success and perfect 10 year track record on accuracy, they are now being targeted for closure by the United States government and its allies. Why? Because WikiLeaks exposed US war crimes, and much more. Read about how this organization is on the front line of the battle to preserve free speech in the West, and why helping to defend WikiLeaks also protects the future of a 4th Estate as a functioning pillar of democracy...

INTERVIEW: Hala Bou Saab – Why Julian Assange Matters

TNT Radio | Why the Wikileaks founder’s story appeals to so many around the world.

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton – Casualties of U.S. Irregular Warfare

TNT Radio | Everyone is paying the price for U.S. unconventional warfare.

INTERVIEW: Basil Valentine – Assange Free + Starmer is the New Blair

TNT Radio | A breakdown of Assange release and the UK political shambles.

INTERVIEW: Taylor Hudak – Assange Release: Why Now?

TNT Radio | Assange is finally walking free after a plea deal with the U.S. Dept. of Justice.

Assange Free, Invitations from World Leaders, Dignitaries Have Begun

21WIRE | The WikiLeaks co-founder receives a state invitation from the Colombian President, following his released from UK’s maximum security prison. 

Patrick Henningsen – Release Julian Assange From Belmarsh Now

TNT Radio | The inhumane charade of Julian Assange has gone on long enough.

INTERVIEW: Taylor Hudak – Update: Julian Assange Granted New Appeal

TNT Radio | Good news: UK High Court will now allow Assange a fresh appeal against US extradition.

INTERVIEW: Trevor Fitzgibbon – War Inc + Wikileaks & Assange Updates

TNT Radio | Unpacking the disturbing creep toward fascism in DC.

INTERVIEW: Trevor Fitzgibbon – ‘Assange Case is Paramount – Here’s Why’

TNT Radio | Julian Assange’s ordeal has become a defining case for press freedom globally. 

INTERVIEW: Freddie Ponton -Julian Assange + France Moves to Shutdown Free Speech

TNT Radio | The globalists agenda threatens freedom of press and free speech.

Assange Final Appeal: ‘Your Man in the Public Gallery’

Craig Murray | Years later, the prosecution’s case hasn’t been able to overcome the fact that their case falls foul of the US-UK extradition treaty’s prohibition on extraditing political prisoners, only they don’t seem too concerned about it.

Federal Judge Orders FBI to Finally Release Seth Rich’s Laptop

21WIRE | The FBI and DOJ spent years manipulating the legal system in order to avoid disclosing key evidence.

Not Much Time Left To Save Julian Assange From Extradition

21WIRE | Assange will likely face the prospect of being buried alive for decades in some federal dungeon.

Henningsen: The UK Government Targets British Journalist Kit Klarenberg

TNT Radio | The UK terrorism squad detains independent journalist after he embarrasses government by exposing deep state corruption.

INTERVIEW: Matthew Lee – SDNY Court Update: ‘Vault 7 Joshua Schulte + UNSG Goes Full Slava Ukraini’

TNT Radio | The strange scene of the UN Secretary General celebrating Ukrainian war heroes.

A Stark Warning If Washington’s Proxy War in Ukraine Continues

Tucker Carlson | How the US deep state’s Russiagate hoax convinced Americans to hate Russia and pave the road to WWIII.

Apple: Most iCloud Data Will Now Be End-to-End Encrypted

21WIRE | The FBI and other authoritarian actors have expressed their displeasure over Apple’s pro-liberty stance.

Mexican President to US: ‘Free Assange or Tear Down Your Statue of Liberty’

21WIRE | Obrador says if US is to live up to its constitutional and political ideals then Biden must free Assange.

The Real Disinformation Agents: MSNBC Caught Lying Repeatedly About Assange and WikiLeaks

Glenn Greenwald | More proof that the the biggest source of misinformation and fake news is the mainstream corporate media.

UPDATE: UK Reverses Decision to Halt Assange Extradition to US

Patrick Henningsen | Latest court decision exposes a much deeper agenda being played by the US and UK deep state.

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