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The Establishment’s War on Ron Paul

Susan Westfall | Ron Paul is simply…not for sale. Lobbyists for special interests have never been able to rent his vote…

Ron Paul Announces Bid for 2012 Presidential Race

US Congressman Ron Paul formally announced his bid for the 2012 Presidential election this week in New Hampshire. Following a surprisingly successful run in 2008, Dr Paul will be riding a wave of support that has seen his grassroots numbers double from four years ago. Listen to his speech below, detailing a list of problems […]

MAKING OF A MYTH: The Official Bin Laden Story Remains Unbelievable

Kurt Nimmo | “Maybe they had some guy there that looked like Bin Laden and did him in”.

Q: Could a Magnetic Pole Shift May Close Airports?

BIN | At the current rate, about every 5 years a compass needle will be off by 1 degree.

Eco-warrior Osama Bin Laden Joins the Climate Camp

21WIRE + Yahoo News | More proof that the Bin Laden mythology is a CIA creation.

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