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Privacy Blowback: DHS cancels national license-plate tracking plan

21WIRE + Wash Post | It’s a small victory for the people, but our privacy is still being violated by federal and other government agencies.

China Dumps $50 Billion in US Treasury Paper, Leaving Europe to Pick Up Slack

21WIRE + Zero Hedge | China sold second-largest amount ever of US Treasuries, and guess who came to America’s rescue?

Two Stooges: Boehner and Cantor laugh as they sell America down the debt river

21WIRE + Con Underground | After the latest $1 Trillion pork bill, even conservative voters are beginning sense the vipers in their own nest…

School Safety Expert: ‘Sandy Hook was a scripted event, at least two years in planning’

21WIRE + AFP | If you have any doubts whether or not Sandy Hook was staged, then listen to this incredible interview.

Did White House Pressure Studio to Cut ‘Satan Scene’ Because Devil Looked Like Obama?

21WIRE + Rundown Live | Has the political narcissism of the White House actually managed to get a Hollywood film cut?

The Case of the Missing Military-Industrial-Complex Money

James Hall | A rational reform of depraved money laundering is impossible without a fundamental repudiation of Washington’s internationalist foreign policy doctrines.

Texas Man Cleared of Murder After Shooting SWAT Team Member During ‘No-Knock’ Warrant

21WIRE + The New American | American Hank McGee was cleared by a grand jury over murder charges, but he’s not out of the woods yet.

Sandy Hook: Lottery Jackpots & Free Homes – Two Unusual Clues Unearthed in Newtown

21WIRE + DC Clothesline | We’ve stumbled across these two incredibly interesting threads in the Sandy Hook false flag investigation.

The Mystery of Tesla’s Missing Papers

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | The Pentagon claims that, yes, they did take them, but that they had “lost” them…

Episode #21 – SUNDAY WIRE: The Strange Death of Kelly Thomas and more

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | An esoteric look into the Sandy Hook production and exposing the shocking murder of Kelly Thomas in Fullerton, CA.

US Navy SEALS Were Trained to Use ‘Backpack Nukes’ During Cold War

21WIRE + RT | Still, many Americans are in denial that their own country has already developed – and deployed, smaller tactical ‘battlefield nukes’.

‘Hispanic Bush’ Nervous, Dodges Hard Question on Bush Family Nazi Money Connection

21WIRE + Truthstream Media | Even the ‘new-improved’ Bush stooge cannot face-up to his own family’s treasonous history.


21WIRE + Filming Cops | The police were allowed to get away with murder in this case, in order to send a clear message to other homeless individuals in America.

‘All of them are wonderful in their own ways’

Whatever it is I’m Against it | From Hollande’s mistresses to Monica’s dry cleaning exploits – it’s hard to get the stain out of politics.

BTW – Edward Snowden Did Not Work For The NSA

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | This, and other little-known facts about the US government spying on its citizens debacle.

‘Liberal Media’ Now Admit Obamacare is a Jobs Killer

James Hall | In the face of ignoring that productive employment is necessary for a healthy economy, Obama supporters cannot escape empirical reality.

Not Just a Pipe Dream: Texas gets ready to leave the U.S.

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | Texas has an unusual history. It was an independent republic before it was absorbed by the US — unlike no other state in history.

Sandy Hook: Did it Really Go As Planned?

Robert Singer | Sandy Hook wasn’t just about the event, it was about your reaction to it.

Silent Killer: TV Propaganda and the Mind Control Culture

SARTRE | With the proliferation of cable channels and 24 hour programming, the landscape of TV addiction dramatically excludes normal interpersonal relations.

False Flag: New Details Emerge on Santa Clara County ‘Military-Style’ Power Grid Attack

Greg Fernandez Jr | Surprise, surprise: Representative Waxman hopes to “fix the gap in regulatory authority” and empower the FERC to deal with such threats and vulnerabilities.