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Revealed: CIA Has Contracted Amazon to Build its Spy Cloud

Washington Post | As a general rule, the CIA does not publicly disclose details of our contracts, except this one.

‘The Mother of All Conspiracies’?

21WIRE | Have you heard of “The Great Gulf Coast Holocaust” yet? If not, you’re about to right now.

Solar City: UAE Opens World’s Largest Solar Power Plant in Abu Dhabi

Daily Star | Can solar really deliver the base load required to power a modern city?

A Cypherpunk’s Manifesto

Activism Net | Privacy is necessary for an open society in the electronic age. Privacy is not secrecy.

Fabled Viking ‘Sunstone’ Crystal Believed to Be Found at Bottom of English Channel

AP | Ancient technology surfaces from the depths of the English Channel.

Revisiting the Copyright Debate: ‘Steal This Film’ – Part 1 & 2

21st Century Wire | This excellent documentary series goes through in fine detail the battle which is still being fought along intellectual property lines.

Where do ‘Super Bugs’ come from? CDC warns ‘nightmare bacteria’ is a growing threat

Washington Post | CDC says new outbreak threatens can to spread its genes that destroy our last antibiotics to other bacteria.

9 Amazing Military Technologies of the Future

Kiplinger | Nine military technologies being developed through the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Army Robot Runs Faster Than a Man, Throws Huge Cinder Blocks

The Coming Crises | US Army robotic battlefield ‘pack mule’ capable of carrying 400lbs of equipment.

Archeology: 2000 year old Shoes Found In Egyptian Temple

Huffington Post | Whoever deposited the shoes never returned to collect them, and they were forgotten, until now.

GE-Related Health Threats: ‘Monster Salmon,’ Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria from GE Experiments Found in Chinese Waterways

Dr. Mercola | We should have never allowed the GMO industry to takeover our governments and industries.

Symantec: ‘Stuxnet Virus Targeting Iran Was in Works as Early as 2005

Washington Post | Stuxnet destroyed 1,000 uranium-enrichment centrifuges in Iran and it was started in 2005.

Does Iran Really Have Technology to Render Military Industrial Complex Obsolete?

21st Century Wire | According to M.T. Keshe, groundbreaking free energy science and advanced space ship technology has been hidden away from the world… until now.

Top 10 Trends in Smart TV Technology That Took Shape against Slow Uptake

Donna Baxter | It seems like yesterday the first internet enabled TV was launched, now the pace of new tech is staggering.

Weapons made with 3-D printers could test gun-control efforts

Michael S. Rosenwald | In a spare bedroom, where an AR-15 rifle leans against the wall, a man is using a 3-D printer no larger than an espresso machine to make plastic rifle parts.

Rise of the Machines: The First Bionic Hand That Can Feel

Independent | New advances in cyborg bionics gives a glimpse into the future of ‘Cylon’ technology.

VIDEO: The Next Generation of Surveillance

YouTube | AI is now a reality in ‘eye in the sky’ technology and drones.

America’s Terminator Culture: Drone Wrath for a Compliant Society

BATR | DARPA’S dream of an automated military future is fast turning into a present-day nightmare…

Raytheon’s ‘Riot’ Software: What spooks use mining your social network data

‘Google for spies’ – Rapid Information Overlay Technology (RIOT) software now drawing ire from civil rights groups,  fearing a future in Britain where any meaningful opposition will be called “Terrorism”…  Ryan GallagherGuardian A multinational security firm has secretly developed software capable of tracking people’s movements and predicting future behaviour by mining data from social networking websites. A video obtained by the Guardian reveals […]

HERE’S YOUR CHIP: New RFID medical tattoo will ‘warn if you’re sick’

Mail Online | A super thin form of carbon called graphene along with disease sensing peptides on a strip and ‘tattooing’ it onto teeth, can detect infection and transit the data it to medical personnel.

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