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CBDCs Are Coming: Elite Plan to Use These ‘Digital Currency’ to Enslave Humanity

Michael Snyder | “If we are going to object to the implementation of CBDCs, the time is now.”

Alert! New ‘Redesigned GMOs’ Being Forced on Farmers and Consumers

Julian Rose | The GMO food cartel have now found a way to subvert countries who have previously banned their dubious products.

Second Russia-Africa Summit in St Petersburg – All Eyes On The Global South

Freddie Ponton | Make no mistake, this is a ground-breaking conference – with numerous deals already in the works.

Former CIA Larry Johnson on Biden’s Claim That ‘Russia Already Lost in Ukraine’

21WIRE | Do they actually know what they are doing, or are they simply doubling-down one a string of bad decisions?

Putin Makes ‘Africa Sovereignty’ Pledge to Leaders

21WIRE | The Russian president has addressed the continent’s leaders on the eve of a major summit in St. Petersburg.

UK Media Now Admitting NATO’s Proxy War in Ukraine is a Disaster

21WIRE | Takeaway: ‘Ukraine and the West are facing a devastating defeat.’

Scott Ritter Investigation: ‘Agent Zelensky’ – Part 2

Scott Ritter Investigation | Continuing the exposé on the creation of Zelensky, created by British and US intelligence to lay the groundwork war and the theft of Ukraine’s resources.

Analysis: How Russia Stopped Ukraine’s Counteroffensive

21WIRE | How Russia neutralised the most pre-hyped military operation in history.

China Has Replaced US as Gulf Oil Monarchies’ Main Economic Partner

21WIRE | With China the dominant economic buyer in the Middle East – the world’s power structure will begin to shift even more.

No2Nato No2War: ‘The War Spreads to Europe’ with George Galloway, George Szamuely, Peter Ford, David Clews

21WIRE | Breaking down the various key aspects of NATO’s disastrous proxy war against Russia in Ukraine.

Douglas Macgregor & Chas Freeman: U.S. Push for War on Russia in Ukraine Will Weaken Europe, NATO

VotumTV | Roundtable on the future of Europe after the Ukraine War.

No2NATO Meeting: Guests Patrick Henningsen, Anastasia Battle and Richard Medhurst

No2NATO | Third instalment of No2Nato’s “No2War” broadcasts, discussing the latest developments in Ukraine.

Lavrov Holds Briefing on Ukraine and BRICS

21WIRE | Moscow lays out its positions on all major issue surrounding the Ukraine war, and developments concerning the BRICS alliance.

Zelensky Says: ‘No Elections in Ukraine Until War is Over’

21WIRE | The West can now boast how it’s fighting a ‘war for democracy’ on behalf of a leader who just canceled democracy.

REVEALED: Global System of Digital Identification ‘For All’ Connected to Our Bank Accounts

21WIRE | Incredibly, most people still do not understand the full implications of this new system of control.

Will Artificial Intelligence Solve the ‘Socialist Calculation’ Problem?

AIER | How well have Asimov’s predictions faired in the age of A.I. and big data?

WATCH: #No2NATO Meeting – Media, Journalism and Censorship

No2Nato | Discussing journalism, propaganda and censorship with Chris Williamson, George Galloway, Kit Klarenberg, and Patrick Henningsen.

Nuclear Standoff: Putin and Lukashenko Address The West’s ‘Worst Fears’

Zero Hedge | The sum of all fears: ‘The fire of war will engulf the whole of Europe.’

‘Canada is a Country Run By Idiots’

21WIRE | Trudeau’s radical leftist, economically illiterate approach is destroying Canada’s viability as a global leader.

Despite Multiple Arson Arrests, MSM Continues to Blame Canada Wildfires on ‘Climate Change’

Lifesite News | MSM outlets continue to claim the wildfires are a result of climate change. 

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