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You’re Being Robbed (and you don’t even know it)

21WIRE + Mail Online | The money pickpocketed from savings and wages through this cunning attack is used to pay off the nation’s debtors, including our own Government.

Israeli Security Academy Training Agent Provocateurs?

21WIRE | Arabs have been training at a dubious institution known as the International Security Academy.

Will Obamacare be the ‘Pandora’s Box’ of the Neo-Eugenics Movement?

21Wire + WE | There is no telling what kind of ‘Pandora’s Box’ Obamacare will be.

Is God is Really an Estate Agent?

Patrick Henningsen | If another religious or ethnic group made similar claims, would they too be recognised?

Zero Attendance for Washington DC ‘Climate Change’ Rally

Free Beacon | A dying mythology…

Obama’s Dog Airlifted in Osprey Helicopter to latest family vacation in Martha’s Vineyard

Washington Times | How much does it cost to airlift your dog on another family holiday?

Exercise Vibrant Response ‘role plays’ nuclear terror in America

21WIRE + FTM | “All the world is a stage.”

Latest Mad Science: Turning carnivorous fish into vegetarian ‘hippie fish’ and other GM aqua-ventures

Patrick Henningsen | No, these recently converted veggies can’t survive on muesli alone…

Shilling for Petri Dish Cloned Cow Burgers is Insane and Dangerous

Jason Liosatos | Franken foods serve no real purpose other than to introduce something into our diet which we don’t need.

Cyprus: President Anastasiades announces ‘Guaranteed Minimum Income’ for all citizens

Cyprus Mail | Problem, reaction, solution…

Israel the likely culprit for drone attack over Egypt’s border

21WIRE + WP | Hmmm. Launching “deadly” large toy rockets into Israel for no reason other than to provoke IDF retaliation?

Putin rebuffs Gulf cash-for-arms deal, but Prince Bandar lets slip Saudi Arabia’s real agenda for Syria

21WIRE + RT | The Saudis appear to have put all their cards on the table, revealing the real agenda for Syria.

NSA-cum-SKYNET: ‘Future Snowdens will be replaced by computers’

21WIRE + RT | It’s official: our government has lost control and cannot make decisions any longer.

Snowden’s encrypted email service Lavabit voluntarily throws itself under the bus

21WIRE + RT | When it comes to cloak and digital dagger with Snowden, we don’t know jack…

Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme Forces US Court Ruling Declaring it a ‘Real Currency’

21WIRE + RT | A Bernie Madoff protégé from East Texas managed to dupe a lot of Bitcoin lovers…

West remains silent as Islamist militants massacre Kurds in the northern Syria

Patrick Henningsen | The Kurds be the key factor in determining outcomes in Syria and the Middle East as a whole.

Reality Behind the Myth: Why GMOs Can Never Be Safe

Dr Mercola | Monsanto and other biotech companies claim genetically modified (GM) crops have no impact on anything, but they are wrong…

What will happen when Bilderberger Jeff Bezos takes over the Washington Post?

Patrick Henningsen | Jeff Bezos is on Bilderberg’s steering committee, so where is he steering our news media?

Obama Blows out Putin over Snowden Affair

21WIRE + RT | The Junior Senator from Illinois just bottled it, again.

Palestinian Peace Talks: The ‘No-State’ Solution

Patrick Henningsen | Until Israelis stop empowering their hard-line militant politicians, there will be no peaceful solution for Palestine.