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Shooting near Pittsburgh high school reveals ‘active shooter drills’ in region

21st Century Wire | Another shooting, another drill?

New Healthcare Web Portal Created by Students in ‘Three Days’

21WIRE + Ben Swann | It was only a matter of time – the house of cards has fallen in on Obamacare.

Real Preppers: Deadly clashes, looting erupts in Philippines over food and water supplies

21WIRE + RT | Survival often comes down to the barrel of a gun.

STUXNET: US-Israeli Computer Virus Infected Russian Civilian Nuclear Power Plants

21WIRE + RT | How long will Washington and President Obama pretend that this black point on America’s record never actually happened?

21st Century Cylons: Robots Are Replacing Human Soldiers

21WIRE + Brasscheck TV | They call it ‘integration’, but robot executives already refer to their robot army as humanoid.

Vanishing Bitcoins: $5 million in crypto-currency lost down Chinese memory hole

21WIRE + RT | Was Bitcoin cache a victim of a fiendish plot by Dr Fu Man Chu?

Nixon aide Roger Stone’s claim: LBJ arranged the murder of JFK

21WIRE + The Australian | Is this latest admission a move by Roger Stone to wash away his litany of past sins?

Haiyan: Up to 10,000 Dead in Philippines – Relief Effort Underway for Entire Region

21WIRE + RT | Total devastation affecting millions in South East Asia this week…

Philippines Typhoon Could Be Linked to ‘Man-Made’ Microwave Pulses

21WIRE + Dutchsinse | Weather-watcher known as Dutchsinse has linked the latest storm formations in the Philippines to man-made microwave pulses.

Another Trillion Dollar Bubble Is On The Way

Brasscheck TV | This one could be worse than the housing crisis…

The De-Moralization of the West by Hollywood’s Culture Machine

21WIRE + WP | Executives in Hollywood have worked hard to expose younger audiences to extreme sex and violence.

Steven Seagal Lets Rip in Exclusive Interview with RT

21WIRE + RT | Seagal gives the most open interview, with some shocking and surprising statements.

Bitcoin Hits All-Time High of $309

RT | So far, Bitcoin has been a high-margin and high-risk investment.

Philippines Get Hammered by ‘World’s Biggest Storm’, So Far Leaving 1,200 Dead

21WIRE + Independent | Witnesses describe bodies lying in the streets and cars being ‘thrown like tumbleweed’.

UK Industries Ignore Public Opinion, Plans to Ram Through Fracking Now Underway

21WIRE + RT | They will not give up their quest to rape and plunder our rural and residential landscapes and water supplies.

Million Mask March: Does the Mask Empower the 99% – or the 1%?

Patrick Henningsen | How will they make their ‘V’ move from just a Vendetta…to a Victory?

Co-Ed Bathrooms in California Schools: Extremist Liberal Social Engineering?

21WIRE + We Are Change TV | Many are now rightly asking the question: where does this agenda end?

Bit-Hacked: Over a million stolen in ‘crypto-currency’

21Wire + RT | The crypto-currency has been hacked, stolen and used by some as a digital Ponzi scheme over the course of its short history.

China Communist Party provincial HQ under attack?

21Wire + RT | Another terrorist attack in China happened today…

Adam Kokesh Pleads Guilty To Set of Charges, Released Ahead of Trial

21WIRE + WP | Kokesh out, likely to serve short sentence with strict probation conditions after sentencing in new year.