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Author Andre Vltchek (1963-2020) worked for over 25 years as an international reporter, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, and has authored 18 books including the best-selling title, Exposing the Lies of Empire. His portfolio covers a vast array of subjects covering culture, wars, political science, and world history. Four of his latest book titles include China and Ecological Civilization with award-winning academic John B. Cobb Jr., Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, the revolutionary novel, “Aurora”, and his film & dialogue with renowned US academic Noam Chomsky, entitled, “On Western Terrorism.” Andre's work has taken him to every corner of the globe, including ground-breaking journalistic work in locations in Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America.
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AFGHANISTAN: A Stunning but Terribly Scarred and Injured Land

Andre Vltchek | The NATO legacy: ‘Misery is everywhere, destroying the country’

SYRIA: The Sting in the Tail of Turkey’s Terrorism Incubator

Andre Vltchek | The threat on Europe’s doorstep created by western regimes

BEIJING: Emerging from the Smog of Western Hostile Propaganda and Humiliation

Andre Vltchek | Beijing the emerging global giant, historically buried under western lies and smears

The Great ‘Migrant Crisis’ – A Product of Washington’s Imperialism

21WIRE + Andre Vltchek | Washington DC is suffering from an acute case of ‘Group Think’.

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