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Kimberly McCarthy Executed: Texas Carries Out 500th Execution

Huff Post | First woman executed in the U.S. in nearly three years…

Ecuador can’t grant Snowden asylum as he’s not on its soil or in an Embassy

RT | Ecuador says there are obstacles in granting asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Big Brother Has Matured: UK spy center sucks up data from your online social networks

RT | A special police unit has reportedly been scanning what British citizens are posting online in social networks.

Talk of Iran’s plan to deploy troops to Syria stirs Israel

RT | Iran is reportedly gearing up to send thousands of troops to Syria to beef up government forces against the rebels.

NSA’s Utah Home Is A 1.5 Million Square Foot ‘Spy Center’

Huffington Post | 1.5 million square feet, and are filled with super-powered computers designed to store massive amounts of information gathered secretly from phone calls and emails.

‘Stop Watching Us’: Mozilla’s Attempt To Stop NSA’s intrusive Surveillance

Huffington Post | Mozilla, the creator of the web browser Firefox, has taken the lead on a protest against government surveillance.

Mali Mine Misery: Euro, Asian firms eye gold, while local workers are cheated

RT | One of the country’s few thriving industries is being targeted by foreign corporations.

Racist Rides: Anti-Arab violence by Jewish youth on the rise in Israel

RT | PM Benjamin Netanyahu has been forced to decry “racism against Israeli Arabs and acts of hooliganism against Palestinians.

Whistleblower who leaked NSA files disappears in Hong Kong

RT | There have already been signs that Snowden’s disclosures have some sympathy, a rally of support was held in New York while thousands have signed an online petition urging President Obama to pardon him.

Unmasked: EX- IT worker at CIA behind biggest-ever NSA leak

RT | The source of the bombshell leaks that revealed the massive scale of US surveillance has unmasked himself.

Hollywood wants to block Dotcom’s Mega

RT | Hollywood Studios is demanding for Google to delist Kim Dotcom’s website Mega from its websearch, Dotcom says this is censorship.

Rehab for Somali pirates?

Aljazerra | In 2012, more than 100 attempted hijackings were stopped and dozens of pirates were captured. But Somaliland is one of the few countries in the world willing to take any responsibility for them.

Verizon Treason? US government seizes millions of call records at FBI’s request

RT | Millions of Americans are reportedly having their phone records seized without their knowledge.

American woman dies in Syria fighting for rebels

RT | several foreign nationals – including an American woman and a UK citizen – have been killed fighting on the side of the rebels.

‘US Drone strikes in Pakistan negate right to life’

RT | Shahzad Akbar, a human rights lawyer representing drone victims

Dennis Rodman To Kim Jong Un, North Korea: ‘Do Me A Solid’ & Free American Kenneth Bae… Please?

Huffington Post | “I’m calling on the Supreme Leader of North Korea or as I call him `Kim’, to do me a solid and cut Kenneth Bae loose,” Rodman said on Twitter.

First Ever Bilderberg Fringe June 2013

21st Century Wire | The leaders of tomorrow will be chosen in June.

23 police officers en route to arrest cult members in Nigeria killed by militia

Washington Times | Gunmen have killed 23 police officers in an ambush in central Nigeria.

Queen’s Speech: Monarch to get huge pay rise as Brits tighten belts during cuts

RT | Benefit cuts for the Disabled. Now we know where some of that money has went.

Justice Brazilian Style

RT | Footage emerged of the high-octane chase a year after it happened, raising concerns over the excessive use of police force