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21st CENTURY PODCAST – False Flags, Pharma Fascism and UFO’s

Host Patrick Henningsen welcomes special guest Dante Xavier Voltaire in the first hour to discuss the topic of ‘The Death of the False Flag’, and look deeper into the debate between alternative healing and big pharma. In the second hour the discussion goes deep into esoteric themes, quantum physics, as well as an extended analysis […]

My Battle with Fibromyalgia and Potential Remedy with MMS

Ben Fellows | After two days I’ve already stopped taking my medication for Fibromyalgia and I’m getting, for the first time in years, real restful sleep.

‘Navigating the Matrix with David Icke’ on 21st Century Wire – SKY Channel 191

21st Century Wire presents ‘Navigating the Matrix with David Icke’ – a two part special featuring an extremely candid and down-to-earth discussion with contemporary author and public speaker David Icke, hosted by Patrick Henningsen. Starting Thursday 6th September at 6pm on PSTV SKY channel 191. http://www.paradigmshift.tv —

‘I saw rebels beheading men for religion’ says Syrian cleric

The RNC Circus, Abramovitch and Squatters

Basil Valentine Guest Columnist 21st Century Wire August 31, 2012 So that was the Republican National Convention – American political circus in all its technicolor glory. It blew in with Hurricane Isaac and blew out with the wreckage of Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair. In between, delegates threw peanuts at a black CNN […]

First Episode of ’21st Century Wire’ Aired Tonight on UK Television…

Our first episode of 21st Century Wire, hosted by Patrick Henningsen, aired tonight on PSTV, SKY 191, and was a resounding success, good response on the forums, will get rating numbers in a few weeks. Very special thanks to our guests Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan, authors of the book Grey Wolf, along with a number of others […]

Weekly Digest: Celebrity, Voting and Gay Times at the Vatican

Basil Valentine Guest Columnist 21st Century Wire August 29, 2012 In a shop yesterday the unique sound of Ian Dury and the Blockheads came over the Tannoy. The inspidisation of the music scene of today however  makes it hard to imagine he would get a record deal were he to be around now. A polio […]

HITLER IN ARGENTINA? Watch Trailer for Premiere of ’21st Century Wire’ on PSTV

’21st Century Wire’ – A new TV program premiering August 30th at 7pm on PSTV, SKY Channel 191 in the UK. Episode one entitled, “A Fourth Reich in the Sun?”, reveals new evidence and independent testimonies detailing how – and why, Adolph Hitler, Martin Bormann and other high ranking Nazis were spirited away to Patagonia […]

21st CENTURY PODCAST – Prince Harry’s Sad Photos, Assange and Syria’s Tragedy

21st Century Wire’s first podcast episode, recorded over a full English breakfast in the heart of Mayfair, as host Patrick Henningsen covers the main issues of the week with special guest pundit Basil Valentine. It’s a week the Royals would rather forget with Prince Harry’s humiliating photos in the buff, exposing the British press as […]

COMING SOON: 21st Century Wire presents ‘A Fourth Reich in the Sun?’

21st Century Wire presents a new current affairs programme premiering August 30th at 7pm on Paradigm Shift TV (PSTV) on SKY Channel 191 in the UK. Episode one unveils new evidence which shows how Adolph Hitler, Martin Bormann and other high ranking Nazis were spirited away to Argentina after WWII. Hosted by Patrick Henningsen, Directed […]

A Fourth Reich in the Sun?

21WIRE TV | Our new TV series begins this week on SKY TV Channel 191.

Interview: Max Keiser on Europe and the Bilderberg Group

Infowars.com correspondent Patrick Henningsen talks with top financial guru Max Keiser in London about this week’s Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA, and how the secretive organization factors into the current global financial meltdown. ….

Dear Media: America Doesn’t Want Your New Race War

Patrick Henningsen | In both the media and political classes, there exist individuals who are addicted to crisis opportunity, and will divide America just to win polling points.

Rise of the Petty Dictator

Patrick Henningsen | Obamacare should be illegal.

Strange Bedfellows: How the U.S. and Egypt control the destiny of the region

Patrick Henningsen | Unfortunately for Washington, Egypt’s military junta have quickly figured out how the US is always able to play both sides of the geopolitical game.

Danny Dayem and CNN’s Mockingbird Media Agitprop Shop

Patrick Henningsen | CNN’s outrageous agitprop theatrics continue, complete with fake gun fire and mock explosions made-to-order for a clueless American public. .

GMO’s linked to aborted animals, Schmallenberg, while climate changers peddle new equine fears

Patrick Henningsen | Climate change is being blamed for something here that is more likely the result of GMO poisoning.

Syria regime change PR in high gear: More ‘newborn baby slaughter’ propaganda

Patrick Henningsen 21st Century Wire February 12, 2012 LONDON – We can already see exact parallels with the current PR operation to bring down Syria with how Libya went down. In one story published today, it seems that one award-winning mainstream newspaper has been caught red-handed running faux news on Syria – and incredibly, it’s not the first time this exact […]

Obama’s Secret Letter to Tehran: Is the War against Iran On Hold?

Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya 4th Media January 23, 2012 “The Road to Tehran Goes through Damascus” The New York Times announced that the Obama Administration had sent an important letter to the leadership of Iran on January 12, 2012. [1] On January 15, 2012, the spokesperson of the Iranian Foreign Ministry acknowledged that the letter had been […]

Israel Lobby launch new Super PAC effort to bring down Ron Paul

Patrick Henningsen | Texas Congressman and GOP candidate Ron Paul has been targeted by a new breed of PAC – this time with foreign backing.