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21WIRE Poll: Would you pay to contact celebrities on Facebook?

Last month we reported on the latest Facebook business model. It’s starts with you paying to contact a ‘celebrity’, or an artist, author, athlete or media personality (including reality show faces). Seems like a good, fun little money-maker, right? If teenagers are stupid enough to believe that the celebrity will actually be the one answering their FB messages, then that’s only proof of a stupid society. 

But this is only a test balloon for something else in the future: the monetization of mass communication.

Up until now, using email and social media has been unmetered and free – Zuckerberg has been making some money by selling your data but it’s not enough to claim global domination the way Google has with its advertising business. That is all set to change. Once the big corps have enough people addicted and dependent, they will start to charge – for everything.

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