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Portland: Transit Train Halts Due to Fentanyl Smoke Endangering Commuters

As U.S. cities go, Portland has shaped up as a premier drug haven, with metropolitan life continuing to degenerates into cesspool of illicit narcotics and vice. Residents are exasperated. 

Up until recently, methamphetamine was the primary drug of choice for Portland’s ‘street community’, along with reports of crack cocaine, heroin (like Mexican black tar heroin), and of course, skunk marijuana – are all widely available and abused in the Democratic Party stronghold.

But the newest addition to the drug line-up, fentanyl is now gaining popularity among drug-takers. It comes in many forms – dirty street versions, or counterfeit prescription pills, and powdered fentanyl in – all freely on offer in largely unregulated downtown Portland. Sadly, it’s resulting in daily fatalities now.

In America’s most woke city, beware if you’re travelling by public transport…

The Blaze reports…

Portland’s public transportation systems are frequently impacted by mass delays due to the city’s surging drug crisis.

According to KATU, the city’s TriMet MAX trains have accumulated hundreds of hours of delays related to “passenger issues” over the last year. However, it was previously unclear what precisely was causing those delays until the news outlet filed a public records request.

TriMet spokesperson Roberta Altstadt explained that “passenger issues” is a catchall phrase for several problems, including passengers experiencing mental health issues, using drugs, being aggressive, or even holding the train doors open.

KATU found that from June 1, 2022, to January 10, 2023, TriMet logged more than 460 passenger issues. Therefore, public trains were delayed minimally 150 hours over that timeframe, with two to four incidents occurring on many days.

Riders smoking or suspected of smoking fentanyl and other illegal narcotics are a recurring issue in the public transit system…

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