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SUNDAY SCREENING: Adult Human Female (2022)

Our weekly documentary film curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE. 

From the filmmakers: “This is the first UK documentary feature to look at the clash between women’s rights and trans ideology. In record time, the trans movement has captured the big institutions. The police, the political parties, the media, the universities and major corporations have taken up the cause in the name of inclusiveness. But is it really harmless when men identify into the female sex? Is it progressive for doctors to modify the bodies of young people in the name of changing their ‘gender’? There has been a manufactured confusion around sex and gender. At the same time we are told that ‘there is no debate’. Dissenters are cast as ‘haters’ and cancelled. This is not only a struggle to defend women’s rights. At risk is safeguarding for children and young people, biological reality, reason and even democracy. Reality denial comes at a price.” Watch: 

Run time: 1 hour 32 min
Directed by Deirdre O’Neill and Mike Wayne
Production: Reality Matters (2022)


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