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Beyond McCarthyism: Cancel Culture Cancels Culture – ‘Ban All Things Russian’

Welcome to the new Western struggle sessions.

In this new ready-made environment of Western righteous indignation and virtue-signalling, it’s not merely enough to punish the Russian government for daring to defy the primacy of NATO with their actions in Ukraine, nor to punish all Russians too for not overthrowing their President. No, it goes much further than that. In this new hyper-McCarthyist hysterical phase of the Western political economy, anyone who doesn’t disavow and condemn both Putin and Russia – can be assailed, and even canceled.

Recently, in order to prove its loyalty to the party line, the UK’s Cardiff Philharmonic Orchestra thought it prudent to cancel performances of the Russian classic composer Tchaikovsky.  – as it promised it was just a ‘one-off’ while war waged.

In Derry, Northern Ireland, political pressure was put to bear to cancel the Russian ballet’s performance of Swan Lake.

Indeed, many western cultural figures who have refused to actively denounce ‘Putin’s actions’ are now being canceled across the West.

Should art be this politicized, and is this brand of universal cancel culture now becoming a globalized form of bigotry?

The following news report by RT International is now banned across most of the western world. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue