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UK Gov’t Want to Deploy Door-to-Door Covid Jab Teams to Hunt Down ‘The Unvaccinated’

‘I am all in favour of free choice but there comes a point when you cannot lock up 90 per cent of the country who are vaccinated for the ten per cent who refuse to be.’ – Daily Mail

According to the UK’s Daily Mail, door-to-door teams armed with syringes containing the experimental Covid gene-jab ‘vaccine’ are to be deployed to the homes of ‘the unvaccinated’. The plan is being considered by Boris Johnson’s team of ministers who believe that an estimated 5 million unvaccinated residents now pose some sort of an existential threat to the UK. 

Apparently, pandemic boffins at SAGE are convinced that the OMICRON! variant is going to over-run the national health service unless 100% of the population submit to the experimental mRNA GMO injection.

If this all sounds familiar, that’s because it is: it’s the same script the government used back in March 2020 when they pleaded to the public, “Just give us three weeks to flatten the curve and save the NHS.” Only this time, they’ve amended their old theory to conclude that the unvaccinated are somehow causing the new ‘variant’ to ravage the nation.

In a nutshell: as the pandemic narrative rapidly disintegrates, UK government ministers are desperately looking for new ways to increase vaccine sales for their pharmaceutical overlords.

The Daily Mail’s highlights include:

  • Ministers are planning to send teams armed with Covid vaccines to the homes of unvaccinated Britons 
  • Discussions between the Department of Health, NHS England and No 10 have looked at a nationwide drive 
  • SAGE warned UK is about to be hit by wave of Covid hospitalisations and peak could be higher than last winter

Besides the obvious non-scientific assumption being used by government and media – that their corporate jabs can somehow stop the transmission and spread of the alleged variant, ministers are still doubling down on their science fiction story and are relying on a barrage of non-stop propaganda to hold the disintegrating narrative in place.

It’s now been proven many times over that these so-called ‘vaccines’ cannot stop infection or transmission of the dastardly coronavirus.

As for claims that these jabs are 70%, or 90% “effective” – that too is a provable falsehood being pushed by the pharmaceutical firms and dutifully repeated by corrupt and likely incompetent ministers and public health officials.

As usual, the government and media are colluding to cook their statistics in order to scare the public into submitting to even more draconian measures.

Forenic writes for Substack

The situation is so bad in the UK, apparently, that vaccinators must go to people’s doors hunting those that are to blame: the unvaccinated. And get them to take the shot.

…But if there is any blame, who exactly deserves it?

The unvaccinated are not filling-up the hospitals

England publishes relatively raw data on Covid-19 but comes to conclusions that don’t add up. So I wanted to analyse what really is going on in England with Covid-19

I started by plotting the data from England regarding hospitalisation associated with Covid-19 cases. *

*Of course, we know that means being positive for Sars-Cov-2 on a test entering hospital regardless of why you are there.

Fig. 1 A graph of Covid-19 cases hospitalised in England by vaccination status. There really is very little between vaccinated and unvaccinated numbers. Data source. COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 51.

The graph (fig. 1) clearly shows that, contrary to the claims being made in the media and repeated in conversations across the UK, that the unvaccinated are not filling-up the hospitals. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated are represented in pretty much equal measure.

One of the criticisms of data such as that above is well there are more vaccinated so there should be a lot of vaccinated people in hospital and less unvaccinated, therefore, the unvaccinated seem to be over represented in hospital. In real terms, that doesn’t change the fact that the unvaccinated certainly are not filling-up the hospitals but let’s take that criticism into account.

The real hospitalisation data

To get an accurate picture of covid-19 cases in hospital and remove the bias of large numbers of the population now being vaccinated, we can allow for those population numbers.

First, I calculated the actual risk reduction between the two groups vaccinated & unvaccinated. I used age-stratified population data showing just how many people have or have not been vaccinated in each age-group and used that with the hospitalisation data to calculate an accurate hospitalisation risk reduction.

Then, once the absolute risk reduction (ARR) for each age group is known, it is clearer to see the net benefit or loss from being vaccinated.

The numbers show no difference in hospitalisation

By calculating the ARR, it is apparent that the risk differences for vaccinated compared to unvaccinated by age-groups for hospitalisation range from 1/100th of one percent at its lowest, to just under a quarter of one percent at its highest.

So, effectively, even after removing any potential skew in the data due to large numbers being vaccinated, the real risk of being hospitalised for Covid-19 in England is the same for the vaccinated & unvaccinated.

And by the way, the data are being grossly misrepresented in the conclusions of government reports, fueling fear and mistrust…

Continue this analysis at Forensic Substack

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