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France Slashes Vaccine Booster Interval to Just THREE Months

This week, yet another European country has tacitly admitted that the experimental COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ gene therapy injection doesn’t actually work.

France is the latest government pressured by the transnational pharmaceutical cartels to shorten its interval between booster shots from 5 months to just THREE months.

Such announcements of guaranteed government product purchases have been a real financial boon for big pharma investors, but government and mainstream media appear to have little, if any concern for the wider health (or political) implications of such an aggressive mass-medical experiment on the public.

The new guidance came into effect on Friday from the French National Authority for Health, as government officials continue to cite wild “case” numbers and claim that the alleged “Omicron” variant is somehow ravaging the country – despite the fact that there are no noticeable increases in Covid hospitalisations and deaths.

It’s important to note that all of these governments pursuing this new open-ended multiple vaccine campaign have effectively bypassed any safety testing carried out on either the efficacy or adverse side effects from cramming in three or four experimental GMO injections into the bodies of the population. Governments are simply relying on the drug manufacturers to tell them that everything is ‘safe and effective’, when in fact the pharmaceutical firms have been submitting fraudulent and misleading “Relative Risk Reduction” figures from the very beginning of the regulatory process.

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President Macron appears to be disinterested with any of these details, as he presses forward with the country’s draconian Health Pass (Vaccine Passport) bio surveillance and medical apartheid regime.

The new move towards a fourth jab and a shorter interval between jabs opens the door for the horrific prospect of rolling jab “updates” every few months. However, ministers are reticent to answer the obvious question: if so many jabs are now required, doesn’t that mean that the jabs don’t actually work?

It is believed that this new strategy of endless vaccines for endless variants is being used by governments in order to maintain their highly unpopular (and often illegal) vaccine passport policies, in a desperate attempt to normalise the draconian measure.

To further obfuscate the clinical science, French public health officials are now claiming that the experimental vaccines offer “80% protection for only up to two months,” but then claim that it drops down to just “34% after four months.” To further compound the confusion and misdirection, they are now claiming that the vaccine-derived synthetic immunity wanes more quickly with the newer “variant” strains.

The pharmaceutical manufacturers like Pfizer are also claiming that patients who received their experimental boosters will see a lift back up to “75% effective” within two weeks of an additional gene-jab, suggesting that this alleged increased immune response could “help to ward off new waves of infections.”

In addition to shortening the interval for boosters, French officials are keen to include more young people into the mass GMO experiment by claiming that teens are somehow now “at higher risk from the virus,” and thus should be injected with an extra shot.

The new move to target teenagers comes just days after France opened up its experimental ‘vaccine’ rollout to children aged just five yrs-old and over.

Germany, Australia Pushing for Additional Boosters

Other countries opting to increase the mass-experiment of unlimited boosters on their populations include Germany and Australia, both of which have cut their intervals down to 3 months between experimental gene therapy injections.

The Germans are basing the new recommendations on claims made by the Permanent Vaccination Commission, or STIKO, science committee.

On Friday, Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt announced a new 3 month interval, citing more vague claims from the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI). The government is keen to get the population on the new injection schedule, and will begin applying pressure on its population to get a fourth injection in the new year from January 4, 2022. It is believed that some 16 million Australians will be eligible for new boosters on January 31.

“Currently that means that we will go from about 3.2 million people who are eligible today to approximately 7.5 million who will be eligible as of 4 January,” said Hunt.

Incredibly, Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Professor Paul Kelly is claiming that the protection from ‘severe disease’ after the first two doses of the experimental mRNA gene therapy injections “does not completely disappear” but supposedly wanes over time – using this theory to push for a third injection – and a fourth, “in the case of immunocompromised people.”

The irony of that statement is of course obvious, and yet none of the public health experts pushing the new endless jab policy will admit that continuous jabbing of people with an experimental GMO injection may cause more people to actually become immunocompromised.

Also, the UK, Philippines and Thailand are quietly pushing to cut the interval for booster jabs down to three months.

Meanwhile, the list of adverse reactions and deaths following the vaccine continues to compound in the US, UK and Europe.

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