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FDA Approved New Flu Vaccine for Elderly Will Raise, Not Lower Risk

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is perhaps the most corrupt agency in United States history. By now, there are endless examples of this, including cases of bribery, influence peddling, the agency openly accepting cash from the industry, and even embedded pharmaceutical representatives within the FDA. 

The object of this corporate interference is always the same: to get the government to approve new and profitable pharmaceutical products, regardless of whether there is an actual need for a product, or if it is no better than existing drugs on the market.

In a 2013 study for the prestigious peer reviewed publication, Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics (JLME), evidence was presented which revealed how roughly 90 percent of all new pharmaceutical drugs approved by the FDA over the previous 30 years “were little or no more effective for patients than existing drugs.”

The conclusion drawn by the authors of this study was damning: that the FDA simply could not be trusted to be an objective watchdog of the powerful pharmaceutical industry.

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Moreover, they concluded that the industry could not be trusted to determine whether their products were actually “safe” or not:

“The bar for “safe” is equally low, and over the past 30 years, approved drugs have caused an epidemic of harmful side effects, even when properly prescribed. Every week, about 53,000 excess hospitalizations and about 2400 excess deaths occur in the United States among people taking properly prescribed drugs to be healthier. One in every five drugs approved ends up causing serious harm,1 while one in ten provide substantial benefit compared to existing, established drugs. This is the opposite of what people want or expect from the FDA. Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death.” 

Since the release of the experimental COVID-19 injections, the FDA appear to have continued their time-honored tradition of rank corruption.

Now executives are attempting to create a new market for their new ‘innovative’ range of Flu vaccines, supposedly designed to “protect the vulnerable,” aka the elderly. However, plenty of evidence suggests there may be a higher risk of adverse reactions by administering the new and powerful flu vaccine to anyone above the age of 65, or those with compromised immune systems.

Wayne Rohde at The Vaccine Court writes…

With all the focus currently about the COVID-19 vaccines and their boosters, the CDC is quietly building another vaccine campaign for our seniors. This time it is the influenza vaccine in combination with a COVID vaccine.

Sanofi’s FluZone HD (high dose) influenza vaccine for administration to anyone above the age of 65 has been approved for several years. The trivalent (3 strains) HD vaccine was approved in 2013. The quadrivalent (4 strains) was approved in late 2019.

But to inject someone with the COVID vaccines and the flu vaccine during the same office visit was not approved until ACIP gave the go-ahead in May of 2021. Prior to this approval, the waiting time was 14 days between COVID vaccines and the others.

The FluZone HD vaccine is designed to deliver 4 times the antigen as compared to the regular flu shot. The idea according to CDC, FDA and Sanofi, by delivering a higher dose of influenza antigens, seniors with lower immune systems will benefit greatly with this vaccine.

It’s a theory that has delivered some very devastating results, not only in the real world but also in the clinical trials conducted by the manufacturer Sanofi.

There is a higher risk of adverse reactions and serious medical conditions by administering[sic] a flu shot to those above the age of 65 or those with compromised immune systems.

Most common injuries are shoulder injuries (injected in wrong location) and Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS).

It is the GBS injuries that rise to become a greater concern.

In the National Vaccine Injury Compensation program (NVICP), there is an increase in the severity of GBS from the FluZone HD as compared to other similar aged persons who received a non HD flu shot.

And the severity often times leads to death…

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