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UKC News: New Variant New Powers, SOS Australia, NHS ‘Fast-Track’ Pathway

Just like that, a brand new deadly ‘African Variant’ is said to be on the loose, prompting the usual suspects to call for ‘stricter measures,’ canceling air travel routes and announcing border closures. But is any of this based in actual science, and how much is simply the same old hysterical narrative? Meanwhile, the situation continues to deteriorate Down Under as the Australian government leaders double-down on lockdowns, vaccine mandates,  and increasingly authoritarian diktats. We speak to freedom campaigner Monica Smit in Melbourne about her unique platform Reignite Democracy Australia and the upcoming ‘SOS Australia’ worldwide protest on Dec 4th. Back in Britain, healthcare documents reveal a “Fast-Track Pathway” policy whereby patients are receiving lethal doses of ‘end of life’ medication which may be unnecessarily accelerating their demise – a process enacted away from family and behind closed doors supposedly ‘because of COVID-19 rules.’ All this and much more.

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Co-hosts Brian Gerrish and Patrick Henningsen with the end of week news round-up.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue