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Israel Preparing to Push a FOURTH Covid Vaccine Dose

Earlier this year, Israel was lauded by the mainstream media and the pharmaceutical cartel as “the most vaccinated country on earth,” after injecting the majority of its citizens with the experimental COVID-19 jab. It wasn’t long before the mystique wore off, as Israel began recording some of the world’s highest daily cases rates. How was this possible when the vaccines were meant to be the ultimate panacea?

Vaccine mavens have drifted out a number of excuses to try and cover-over this embarrassing development, including the convenient back-tracking claim that alleged ‘immunity’ from the vaccine dips over time, and therefore must be constantly topped-up.

Israel had fully vaccinated slightly over half its population by March 25, 2021. However, from July, it became clear that Israeli doctors were dealing with a barrage of severe COVID-19 ‘breakthrough’ cases occurring mainly among the fully vaccinated population. The obvious conclusion here is that the vaccines were not very effective, and do not appear to prevent catching or spreading COVID-19.

Despite the obvious failure of its mass-vaccination drive, Israel still doubled-down on its third ‘booster shot’ agenda – all while daily Covid cases continued to set new records. It seemed that Israel was locked into a seemingly endless cycle and new variants and vaccines.

Not surprisingly, desperate Israeli public health officials have now quadrupled down on their problematic vaccine regime – as they prepare to push a fourth booster shot.

Even more incredibly, Israel is still pursuing its narrow ‘booster’ strategy in the face of new evidence from an Israeli study that shows how natural immunity from a previous Covid infection is much stronger than vaccine-induced synthetic immunity in protecting against the so-called Delta variant. Recovered patients are 13 times less likely to be infected than those who took the Pfizer injection.

Bloomberg reports…

Israel is making preparations to ensure it has sufficient vaccine supply in case a fourth round of Covid-19 shots is needed, the country’s top health official said on Sunday. 

“We don’t know when it will happen; I hope very much that it won’t be within six months, like this time, and that the third dose will last for longer,” Health Ministry Director General Nachman Ash said in an interview with Radio 103FM.

Israel began a drive to administer booster shots at the beginning of August, and has so far inoculated about 2.8 million people with a third dose of coronavirus vaccine. Health officials have said that the effects of the initial shots weaken five months after inoculation, making boosters necessary. Some 6 million of the 9.4 million strong population have had one dose, and about 5.5 million have had two jabs.

The country, once a front-runner in the global race to move on from Covid-19, became one of the world’s biggest pandemic hot spots in early September, with the highest per-capita infection rate of anywhere in the week through Sept. 4, according to figures compiled by Johns Hopkins University…

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