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REPORT: Covid Response, Lockdowns Have Negative Effect on Lifespans

Are reactionary Covid policies like lockdowns actually having a negative effect on the overall lifespan of the population? Do lockdowns really save lives, as the government and mainstream media claim? 

Back in September of 2020, 21WIRE re-posted a crucial comment by Nobel Prize winner Professor Michael Levitt from Stanford University in addressing this very issue:

“Panic is dangerous and it shortens your life …. What’s important is the values of our society. I asked in an earlier blog post: what can we do to stop this voluntary suicide of western civilisation. This is the choice that’s facing us: with ‘ZeroCovid,’ you can pretty much guarantee that the demise of western civilisation will be greatly accelerated.”

Levitt elaborated on this same issue in a previous interview in May 2020, talking about the traditional key metric in public health decision-making which seems to have been discarded as soon as the Covid crisis began, that is ‘Disability-Adjusted Life Years.Levitt explains:

“Economists have a very simple way of of looking at death. They don’t count people, (rather) they come to the conclusion that if you’re 20 (years old) and you die that’s a greater loss than if you’re 85, and you die. It’s a hard issue, but …. are we evaluating the potential of future – like of the 20 year old, or are we valuing the loss of a more senior person by what’s called DALY, ‘Disability-Adjusted Life Years.’ Basically, if somebody is in their 80’s and has Alzheimer’s disease and then dies from pneumonia perhaps due to Corona, that is less of a ‘loss’ than if a 15 year old is riding his motorcycle, or his bike, and gets run over. So this is an important way of looking at the death.”

In other words, the ‘cure’ being prescribed by governments mandating mass-quarantines – is actually much, much worse than the alleged disease itself.

The following is a rare honest report from ABC Australia, entitled, “Lockdowns, lifespans and COVID responses.” ABC offers a surprisingly balanced discussion here – from a mainstream outlet which has been steadily pumping out propaganda since the beginning of Australia’s non-existent ‘pandemic’.

“In a controversial new analysis, Dr Cameron Murray of the Henry Halloran Trust at the University of Sydney argues some harsh COVID responses can end up shortening lives. But we may not know for several years.”

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