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Portugal Court Shows Only 0.9% of Previous ‘Verified Cases’ Actually Died of COVID-19

Following a recent citizen’s petition in Portugal, a Lisbon court has ruled on the accuracy of the country’s verified COVID-19 mortality data.

According to the ruling, the number of verified deaths spanning from January 2020 to April 2021, previously recognised as 17,000, as claimed by government ministries and then repeated ad nauseum in mainstream media, has now been revised to only 152 deaths from COVID. All of the other deaths were due to other comorbidities, although they tested PCR positive.

Andre Dias reports…

Since March 2020, 152 people have died of COVID in Portugal, formally indicated by the Ministry of Health and confirmed by a court.

All the “others” died from everything else that kills and just had a useless positive PCR test!

The data are from SICO, the only death certificate system in Portugal. The reference to “under the tutelage of the MJ is spurious, all are issued under the tutelage of the MJ, which is the only institution that issues them.

We live in a fraud of unprecedented dimensions.

In response to a popular action, a court summons was required for the ministry to respond, desperate not to denounce the fraud.

All those responsible for handling data from “cases” and “deaths” can, thereafter, only be tried for the crime if there is any dignity remaining in the rule of law.

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