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Blighted by the Bay: San Francisco’s Homeless Epidemic and ‘Perilous Trifecta’

Homeless man in SF

It’s a refrain heard often – the leaders of Democrat-led cities across America virtue signal while their populations descend into more poverty, crime and drug addiction. Take San Francisco… 

According to a new report by RealClearInvestigations, the ‘City by the Bay’ is coming undone:

“The city has become a web of contradictions. There are thousands of new millionaires, and, by the latest estimates, 18,000 people in and out of homelessness. The headquarters of Uber, Twitter, and Square are blocks away from the open-air drug markets of the Tenderloin, Mid-Market, and SoMa. Wealthy families attending an art opening at the Civic Center have to cross through the tent encampments that line the sidewalks.”

The “perilous trifecta” as it’s called, afflicts 4,000 men and women (data file) in the city: they’re all-at-once homeless, psychotic, and addicted to alcohol, meth, or heroin.

They cycle through a social services system, year after year, made of “compassionate neglect” – where hospitals, jails, and subsidized apartments offer only temporary respite. These services do hardly anything to alter their trajectories in life.

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It’s become a strategy for producing chronic outcomes of crime and chaos that also contributes to the uptick in blight that plagues the city:

“The hard reality is that the perilous trifecta has fueled a boom in property crime and public disorder. In 2019, at least 1,120 individuals in the trifecta spent time in the county jail. Although the homicide rate remained static during [District Attorney] Boudin’s first year office, burglaries have soared in a city that already had one of the highest property crime rates in the nation, while authorities enabled massive open-air drug markets in neighborhoods like the Tenderloin, which is a central hub for the homeless population.”

In a recent film by Christopher F. Rufo about homelessness in San Francisco, he sets the scene in the Tenderloin:

“This is Golden Gate and Hyde in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. It’s the West Coast’s largest open-air drug market with street gangs dealing heroin, fentanyl and meth in plain sight. The homeless encampments stretch across 50 city blocks and continue to spread.”

Later in the film, Rufo describes the “tragic irony” of San Francisco. Its leaders speak out against global inequality while they create their own system of “incredible inequality and incredible cruelty” for all the world to see. Watch:





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