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BLM Mob: ‘Honk for George Floyd, or Else’

This week, the Trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin resumes, along with an increase in Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists demanding “Justice for George Floyd.”

In this brief clip, BLM agitation groups can be seen encouraging city commuters to “Honk for George Floyd.” The BLM street protesters can be seen allowing those vehicles who are honking to pass through without incident, but if drivers refuse to honk in support of their demonstration then BLM activists will block those vehicles and then surround them and openly harass and intimidate them until they signal support for the protesters’ cause.

In the event that the jury in the Chauvin Trial does not return a murder conviction which is satisfactory to BLM and their adjunct street mobs, then it is likely that such street confrontations will become more frequent and more incendiary.

Watch this striking video report from outside the Country Court in Minneapolis:

This is of particular concern considering how last summer in the immediate aftermath of George Floyd, marauding radical street mobs could be see attacking numerous drivers at random and in some cases pulling them out of their cars and beating them in the street regardless of whether the driver surrendered or not. Many of the mob attacks were simply because passers by were not believed to be “in solidarity” with the protesters’ cause. As last summer’s violence escalated, such attacks were nothing more than directionless, wanton mob violence. The following local news report aired on June 1, 2020. Watch:

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