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Ted Cruz Grills Biden’s DOJ Nominee Vanita Gupta

Yesterday saw fiery exchanges between members of the U.S. Senate and President Biden’s nominee for the Justice Department, Vanita Gupta. The leftwing civil rights lawyer was forced to apologize for her many radical partisan tweets, and assured committee senators that she supports America’s law enforcement and does not support the extremist “Defund the Police” movement. Gupta tried to assure the Senate Judiciary Committee she would “aggressively ensure that the Justice Department is independent from partisan influence.”

She added, “I regret the harsh rhetoric that I have used at times in the last several years. I can pledge to you today that if I am confirmed, you won’t be hearing that kind of rhetoric for me.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) questions Vanita Gupta, Biden’s nominee for the Justice Department, at this week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. Watch:

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