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Graham: FBI Knew Hillary Clinton Invented the ‘Russia Hacking’ Narrative in Sept 2016

During the recent US Senate hearings on FBI corruption, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham interrogates former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on how the agency systematically ignored evidence of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers during her tenure as US Secretary of State under President Obama, and why the agency instead targeted GOP candidate Donald Trump based on a dossier of fabricated evidence of supposed ‘Russian collusion.’

But the real bombshell in this session was confirmation that the FBI had in its possession in September 2016 a memo from Hillary Clinton herself describing how she planned to invent the story line of “Russian hacking” in order to deflect attention away from her own email scandal, and also likely because of the growing financial and “pay to play” scandals building-up around the Clinton Foundation at the time.

This really confirms what many had already knew and suspected, but nonetheless this is the one of the clearest airings of this point to date. In others words: from the beginning, the entire Russiagate narrative was pure fiction invented by the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration.

Here are the highlights from this exchange:

Sen. Graham: “How do you explain to the American people  that when the FBI received a memo from the CIA alleging that Hillary Clinton had signed off on a plan concerning US President Donald Trump and Russian Hackers hampering U.S. elections’ as a means of distracting the public from the use of a private mail service that you did nothing? Should Peter Strzok have told you about this?”

McCabe: “I can’t explain to you, Senator, what Peter Strzok or (FBI) Director Comey thought of that memo at that time. What I can say is that…”

Sen. Graham: “Please. Please. I Want to get into this. Everybody is saying that you had the right to open up an investigation against Trump based on the U.S. Ambassador – the Australian Ambassador to the United Kingdom who heard a conversation in a bar. What you are telling this committee when the CIA informs the FBI about a plan signed off by Hillary Clinton to link Trump to Russia, nothing was done. Is that what you are you saying? There was no investigation of that allegation at all.”

Watch the full line of questioning here:

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