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Revealed: Buttigieg’s Role in Cover-up of Racially-Motivated Purge of South Bend Black Police Chief

In a Democratic Party dominated by issues of racism and identity politics, this story has the potential to thwart Mayor Pete’s Cinderella story.

Ever since Pete Buttigieg announced As a candidate to become US President, he has been plagued with talk of being unpopular with black voters in America.

Not surprisingly, very few mainstream outlets were keen to offer any deep analysis as to what happened with this story. More often than not, America’s corporate media remains largely out of touch with the actual feelings and concerns of the ‘black community’ in America, preferring instead to patronize them and project onto them those views and issues which the ruling Democratic Party establishment feel suit them best. Had the media actually bothered to dig deeper on Buttigieg, they would have found a scandal seemingly hidden in plain sight – a story which has been marinating in African-American circles for a while now: a tale of institutional racism within the government of South Bend, Indiana, presided over by an inexperienced young Mayor completely beholden to his ‘donors.’ A familiar theme, so far as corruption stories go.

As the Democratic Party’s presidential primary begins to heat up in New Hampshire, the story still weighs down Buttigieg’s mercurial rise some. He is already performing worse with black voters against Trump than any other candidate, with some 4 in 10 black voters saying that they would either not vote or vote for someone else if Buttigieg were the Democratic Party’s nominee.

TYT reports…

Legal documents related to Pete Buttigieg’s ousting of South Bend’s first black police chief describe a plan by white police officers in 2011 to use Buttigieg’s campaign donors to get him to remove the chief, Darryl Boykins, once Buttigieg became mayor.

“It is going to be a fun time when all white people are in charge,” one officer is quoted as saying in the documents, which describe secret police recordings. The previously undisclosed documents shed new light on the most controversial chapter of Buttigieg’s South Bend political career.

The documents describe a plan to use two Buttigieg donors — including his campaign chairman — to lobby Buttigieg on personnel changes at the South Bend Police Department (SBPD). Both donors deny having such discussions with Buttigieg.

Buttigieg campaign National Press Secretary Chris Meagher asked to see the documents, saying, “You’re more than willing to report rumors you are unable to prove, so it’d be nice to see some of this,” but provided no further comment.

The secret recordings of South Bend police phone lines have been a source of intrigue and controversy since their existence was revealed in March 2012, at the dawn of Buttigieg’s mayoralty. Speculation about the recordings and Buttigieg’s refusal to release them has dogged him into his presidential campaign, while their contents have remained largely a mystery.

Buttigieg has said as recently as this year that he wants to know what was said on the recordings, but that he is not sure he can legally even ask the city employee who listened to them to describe what she heard. But the documents show that Buttigieg’s lawyers secretly did just that in 2013…

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