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‘Be Right Back’: Chicken Sandwich Fallout Descends on America

The Popeyes 'Be Right Back' marketing campaign.
The new chicken sandwich will ‘Be Right Back’ according to Popeyes.

As if Black Friday wasn’t enough, look out for this disturbing trend of year-round ‘micro retail rioting’ at a drive-through near you. Police in Houston, Texas responded to a call earlier this week at a Popeyes restaurant where a male suspect “pulled a gun on employees” for running out of its popular new fried chicken sandwich.

Houston’s ABC13 reported the armed man was part of a group of angry customers, “a mob of two women, three men and a baby,” who could not accept that the fast-food chicken shack was sold out of the 690 calorie sandwich.

Police said the angry mob also tried to rush the door of the restaurant but the store’s crew managed to lock them out. The suspects are still on the loose.

Popeyes promises to replenish its stock of the fried bird on a bun in the coming weeks according to its ‘Be Right Back’ marketing campaign. The nationwide shortage has even prompted one Tennessee man to sue.

Meanwhile, these primal pavlovian endorphins – a seductive combination of excitement, pleasure and with the added element of risk – continue firing off in the brains of retail herds everywhere.

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