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SYRIA: Report Claims French, Belgian Intelligence Plotting ‘Chemical False Flag’ in Idlib

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION: Previous White Helmets ‘chemical attack‘ media production specifically designed to trigger a US-led military strike against Syria in 2017.

DAMASCUS – New reports suggest that western backed terrorist forces situated in Al-Qaeda-occupied Idlib Province in northern Syria are planning to stage another chemical weapons’ event in order to blame Damascus in the hopes of triggering another US-led military strike on Syria.

According to Major General Viktor Kupchishin, head of the Russian Centre for Reconciliation in Syria, intelligence has been received which indicates that France and Belgium intelligence services have been plotting to stage a ‘false flag’ chemical attack in Idlib in order to frame to somehow frame Russia and strengthen the case for further western military intervention and aid to terrorist forces currently occupying Idlib.

Last September, the Russian military intelligence received similar information about an imminent chemical false flag attack in Idlib being planned by the dubious ‘search and rescue’ NGO known as the White Helmets.

The last high-profile staged ‘chemical attack’ took place in the Damascus suburb of Douma in April 2018, where the US-UK-EU-backed White Helmets were caught faking a hospital scene alleging ‘Sarin’ and ‘chlorine’ weapons were used as they hosed-down children in a series of YouTube videos which were heralded as “proof” by the US, UK and French governments before awarding themselves a green light to bomb Syria only days later. The planned hoax quickly unraveled after a number of journalists were about to gain access to the area and speak to residents who were used in the staged videos in the days and weeks following the event, as well as additional doubt being cast over Terrorist and White Helmets claims following the recent release of the OPCW Report in February 2019 detailing their findings from the controversial Douma event.

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This week’s latest discovery would make sense in terms of Al-Qaeda’s current predicament in Iblib – losing ground and taking heavy fire from the air as Syrian and Russian fighter jets bomb AQ-HTS positions in terrorist-occupied Idlib. A staged chemical event would trigger immediate calls from western governments to pressure Moscow and provide a green light for the West, and possibly Israel too, to bomb Syria again.

RT International reports…

The attack is being prepared in close cooperation between operatives of Belgian and French secret services and terrorist groups, including the rebranded Syrian Al-Qaeda offshoot – Hayyat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS, previously known as Al-Nusra Front). Apart from them, the “pseudo humanitarian,” as the General put it, White Helmets group is also taking part in preparations.

A batch of poisonous gas, believed to be chlorine-based, has been already delivered to a number of villages in the Idlib province. The poison is packed in canisters disguised as oxygen and natural gas tanks, according to the Russian military.

The plotters have discussed the filming of the upcoming false flag attack and are expected to repurpose footage of a recent Russian strike on a drone warehouse in Idlib to “prove” Moscow’s involvement.

While the “actors” are offered some $100 for playing the roles of chemical attack victims, there’s a distinct possibility that the militants will poison people for real to make the video more “lifelike,” the official warned.

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