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UK COLUMN: Putin Gives Nod to ‘EU Army’, Multipolar Order, Theresa in Wonderland

Macron drops a bombshell on EU Military Unification, which leads to the question: does Russia favor this idea? Meanwhile, rain storms cause Trump to bail from Paris Remembrance Day, but Putin undeterred, outclasses Trump. BBC tripping over their own contrived narratives, attempting to gaslight public away from a real WMD story, while pretending to save western civilization in the epic ‘fight against fake news’. All this and more.

UK Column news co-hosts Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the early week news round-up. Watch:

EDITOR’S NOTE & CORRECTION: The video clip of Vladimir Putin at 10:30 mark was not taken from 2018 Armistice Anniversary in Paris as presenters inferred, but rather from a previous Remembrance Day event held on June 22, 2017, at Tomb of Unknown Soldier in Moscow. 

UKC Extra Time: Off-Air Discussion with Patrick & Mike


START – EU military unification: European army to protect from Russia & USA…? President Putin: Jacques Chirac talked to me about it (EU military) before Putin: positive from the standpoint of strengthening multipolarity of the world 04:59 – Ex-RN Admiral: modern warfare requires tight military and political control Britain losing this ability as well as NATO…Russia has learned to master this EU military union will not offer this control… 07:22 – Armistice Centenary: President Trump joins other world leaders Macron more orange than Trump these days…? 09:26 – Treason May: Mansion House speech…still no evidence against Russia May lost in Alice in Wonderland… 11:55 – Saudi Arabia: Jeremy Hunt visits to push for an end to Yemen bloodshed Khashoggi incident also to be brought up 14:09 – Swift payment system: Iranian banks to be cut off from global finance Swift is no longer neutral… 16:34 – US produces Nuclear Posture Review Report US: if you want peace, prepare for nuclear war Russia: US analysts seriously considering the concept of a limited nuclear war 21:59 – BBC: Beyond Fake News project – to ‘fight back’ against disinformation… BBC global project: a special season of programming to ‘increase media literacy’ BBC’s first attempt is Fake News: Russian disinformation and the lab of death 21 Wire article: WMD America – Inside the Pentagon’s Global Bioweapons Industry BBC attempting to suggest the information is all coming from Russian government MSM does the same thing with the white helmets: blame the Russians Alternative media is doing the job that the MainStream Media won’t do 30:03 – Comedy moment: Hillary Clinton will run again…




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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue