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UK COLUMN: Khashoggi MIA, Trump’s Nuclear Balk, Saudi Mole at Twitter, NATO Provocation

Saudi Jamal Khashoggi still MIA in Istanbul, and revelations of Saudi moles at Twitter HQ, President Trump threatening to pull out of US-Russian INF Nuclear Treaty and more NATO Provocations in the Baltic. All this and much more.

UK Column News co-host Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with the early week news round-up (aired Monday Oct 22, 1pm GMT). Watch:

START – Khashoggi death admitted… Joint statement from Rapid Reaction Force – no proof required Twitter evidence used for arrests…? How many moles are there within mainstream social media…? Dissenting opinions are being tracked & identified on social media Britain, France and Germany: tangible hypocrisy is evident Khashoggi recast as a ‘reformer’ but his record speaks volumes… UK helped Saudi Arabia get UN human rights role through ‘secret deal’ UK – Qatari defence relationship ‘stronger than ever’ Qatar financed Syrian ‘rebels’ to the tune of $3 billion…
15:59 – HMS Queen Elizabeth hosts International Trade Day Liam Fox: we continue to combat growing overseas cyber threats together
18:08 – Netanyahu: Israel is driving the world…ignores Iran’s scientific advances Many of the world’s firewalls run by Israeli companies – nobody asking questions
21:24 – Alternative View 9.1 conference – Democracy in Chains: 2 December, London
22:10 – Operation Trident Juncture – exercise beginning on 25 October Exercise to test a ‘military schengen’ against a ‘fictional near-peer adversary in the NE’ Fictional adversary…? It’s the Russians… ‘This exercise will truly test our ability to deter any agression we may face…’ Non-NATO members Finland and Sweden to be used as cannon fodder…?
26:45 – Nuclear matters: Bolton in Moscow today to discuss INF nuclear treaty US President Trump angling for a new deal (treaty modernisation) with Russia…? Could this new deal also include a new nuclear deal with Iran…?
31:06 – Ministry of Defence: who is Alison Stevenson…? UK overseas bases hived off to EU military…?
34:06 – International Anti-Corruption Conference 2018 – now is the time to act British government hypocrisy: telling the world how to fight corruption FCO still ignores UK Column FOI request on white helmets funding…





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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue