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Russian MoD: Terrorists in Idlib Preparing Chemical Attack, Pretext for US Strikes

IMAGE: USS The Sullivans guided missile destroyer deployed to the Persian Gulf in recent days.

Following on from previous patterns in East Ghouta and Douma, US-UK and Gulf-backed “Rebel” terrorists in the Idlib province in northern Syria appear to be preparing another repeat of past staged ‘chemical attacks’ designed to trigger a tripartite US-UK-France missile strike on Syria.

Despite the fact that White Helmets videos shot in Douma was a proven fake, the US, Britain and France continue to advance the information war on Syria in order to justify a long-held policy of regime change and also to keep punitive economic sanctions in place. However, Idlib may be the last stop on this US-led Coalition roadshow in Syria as the terrorists are running out of room to operate.

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What will Western and Gulf-backed terrorists gain by triggering another cruise missile strike against Syria? The only possible lasting benefit for the US-led Coalition, Saudi Arabia and its local surrogate Israel, would be regime change in Damascus, severely weakening Syria’s air defenses and military capabilities in order to keep Damascus from securing all of its territory. All of that amounts to a seriously tall order for another ‘chemical’ false flag production in Idlib.

RT International reports…

The US and its allies are preparing new airstrikes on Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said, adding that militants are poised to stage a chemical weapons attack in order to frame Damascus and provide a pretext for the strikes.

The attack would be used as a pretext for US, UK and French airstrikes on Syrian targets, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov said. USS ‘The Sullivans,’ an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis guided missile destroyer, was already deployed to the Persian Gulf a couple of days ago, he added.

The destroyer has 56 cruise missiles on board, according to data from the Russian Defence Ministry. A US Rockwell B-1 Lancer, a supersonic bomber equipped with 24 cruise missiles, has also been deployed at the Qatari Al Udeid Airbase.

The provocations are being prepared by militants from Al-Nusra Front (now known as Tahrir al-Sham) in Idlib province, northwestern Syria,

In order to stage the attack, some eight canisters of chlorine were delivered in to village near Jisr al-Shughur city for the terrorists’ use, he added. A separate group of militants, prepped by private British security company Olive, have also arrived in the area. The group will be disguised as volunteers from the White Helmets group and will simulate a rescue operation involving locals purportedly injured in the attack, according to the military official.

According to the Defense Ministry spokesman, recent statements by US National Security Advisor John Bolton – in which he threatened to bomb Syria – could be interpreted as an implicit confirmation of such airstrikes. On August 22, Bolton stated that “… if the Syrian regime uses chemical weapons, we will respond very strongly and they really ought to think about this a long time.”

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