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‘Operation Earthquake’ – The Invasion, Occupation and Liberation of Aleppo, a Video History by ANNA News

Aleppo April 2017. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

21st Century Wire says…

This in depth report has been brought to you by ANNA News whose reporters have shadowed the Syrian Arab Army operations for years. Please do watch it. It shows the reality of the invasion and occupation of East Aleppo by extremist and terrorist groups backed by Turkey, Gulf States and of course, NATO member states for almost 5 years.

The courage of these journalists from ANNA News will enable you to see scenes you will never see in the Western colonial media – scenes that will break your heart, giving an up-close insight into a civilian population struggling to deal with daily terrorist attacks from the occupied ares of Aleppo. The courage of the SAA soldiers and their allies, facing disproportionate force from heavily armed and well equipped extremist groups who regularly deployed suicide bomb trucks and vehicles against the beleaguered Syrian forces.

You will see the brotherhood and comradeship between the SAA units and the determination to survive and to reclaim their homeland from the foreign mercenaries and so called “moderate rebels” who stole and occupied their homes and executed their families.

It covers the siege and liberation of Aleppo Prison, the destruction of Al Kindi Hospital and much more. WATCH: 


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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue