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Why is John Oliver Running Anti-Venezuela Propaganda?

Previously, we have documented how western mainstream media propaganda has been used to mislead western audiences about the country of Syria in order to gain western support for aggressive policies like sanctions, proxy war and direct military intervention. This same system is now being applied to other target nations.

During Venezuela’s recent presidential election, US-based British comedian, John Oliver, dedicated an entire episode of his HBO show Last Week Tonight to defaming and lying about the Venezuelan government, as well as advocating for punitive sanctions and some type of US intervention, possibly regime change. Oliver’s propaganda tranche appears to be aimed at western self-identified ‘progressives’. In this video, TeleSUR’s Empire Files producer Mike Prysner points out a series of Oliver’s lies, omissions and gross misrepresentations. If you listen closely throughout this piece, you will also see how Oliver is employing more or less the exact same script used to inflate the ‘opposition movement’ and demonize the Syria government and justify sanctions and regime change there. Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue