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Cynthia McKinney: To My New Friends in the UK

From Tim Hayward’s blog

Cynthia McKinney, renowned American politician, activist and academic, is currently visiting the UK. Among her public appearances she will feature as Guest Speaker at the forthcoming Media on Trial event on 27 May in Leeds*.

Cynthia has today shared some initial reflections on politics and media in UK via a public post on Facebook. Her words speak eloquently and powerfully, so I wanted to share them here too.

By Cynthia McKinney

To my new friends in the UK. Elleanne Green, Ian Jenkins, Piers Robinson, Vanessa Beeley, Sheila Coombes, Patrick Henningsen, Gilad Atzmon, Tim Hayward and more!

What I’ve learned about politics over the last few days:

I would like to thank the organizations and individuals responsible for my invitations to join truth-tellers and activists and fellow debaters in the UK. And in the process of getting to know some of you for the first time, here’s what I’ve learned.

It is clear that your country has been hijacked in very much the same way that the U.S. has been, also. Hijacked by a war mongering Cabal bent on dragging us all into interminable wars that benefit no one–absolutely no one–but them. And because you, the people who ultimately are their victims in the U.K., dared to strike back in two decisive and unexpected ways–BREXIT and Jeremy Corbyn–these warmongerers know that your spirit is not yet dead. That your hunger for sovereignty and unique identity is still alive. Thus, what are they to do? Snuff out every bit of truth-telling and dissent from their “party line.” Because we all know that if people stop and think about what is happening in the world, without the filter of war propaganda, hardly anyone will want to maim and kill other people who only want to live their lives just like we want to live ours! So, the truth-tellers are spitefully targeted for comments on social media while the warmongers continue their killing and seek to expel Corbyn supporters from the Labour Party. Why?

Does this sound like people who are strong or does it sound more like people who recognize that their arguments are weak?

It is also clear that the mainstream media are complicit in the war crimes committed–past, present. That includes even your flagship media like the BBC that showed its willingness to lie by omission and cover up the truth about major events like 9/11 and its ensuing wars.

It is now, at this very moment, that all peace-loving people should continue our activism–despite the threats, intimidation, friends leaving us, our organizations imploding. You might look around at the political landscape that you once thought was verdant and recognize now that it’s filled with detritus and think that you have nothing. I can’t blame you if you do.

But also realize this, the nothing that you think you have, well, the warmongers want to take that, too.

And why? The answer is simple. Because you don’t want to go on killing the planet and humanity–and they do.

This is the epic struggle of our time. Do “We the people” define who we are and our face to the world? Or do we allow a very small group of non-representative individuals run our countries for themselves and their families as they have done already to smaller countries for generations?

We are more powerful than we realize: And while they might have all the money and we scrape by, we are rich beyond our dreams. Because we have for free what they have to buy: We have lives that are full of meaning; We know who we are and why we exist. And with all of the immense power and control that they have, they still are afraid of a few words spoken at small events. Why?

Brute force does have its limits.

At times like this, I think about Nina Simone’s song. Listen to it. Love its spirit. Remain determined. Ours is a global struggle for humanity and the Earth and, as Nina says, we have our brains and we have life.

Play Nina now; and gain strength from all those peace and justice warriors who preceded us. Our journey is important.

* The Leeds Media on Trial event has been moved to a new venue, and ticket holders will be given details nearer the time. Critical responses to the campaign leading to cancellation of the original venue booking are found herehere and here, with some satire here. Analysis in a wider context is provided by Elijah J. Magnier.)




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