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FROZEN: U.S. Funding for Terrorist-Linked White Helmets ‘Under Review’

A NARRATIVE IN TATTERS: Propaganda poster for the White Helmets, the Free Syrian Police and Aleppo Councils (Photo: Patrick Henningsen, May 2017, East Aleppo, Syria)

The White Helmets, who operate exclusively in extremist and terrorist-controlled areas inside Syria, are no longer receiving any U.S. funding and their status according to the State Department is now “under active review,” CBS News reports.

21WIRE reported just two weeks ago that the group’s funding status was in question, after State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert ‘played dumb’ when asked about it by CBS News reporter Kylie Atwood during a press briefing.

An internal State Department document surfaced recently stating that if continued funding for the White Helmets wasn’t approved by April 15th “shut-down procedures on a rolling basis” would commence. That time is now, at least for the near future.

As expected, many supporters and critics have been voicing their opinions on this recent development, including Samantha Power, former US ambassador to the UN:

21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley wonders when a new fundraising campaign will begin:

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen told RT the White Helmets are “running out of room to operate in Syria” and have become a “video production unit” used to underpin regime change and destabilize Syria. Watch:

The White Helmets have more than their funding status with the U.S. to worry about – although the group is still paid handsomely by the UK government.

Just last week, multiple witnesses testified in the Hague how the White Helmets’ video production in Douma was staged and used as a pretext for a US-led strike on Syria.


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