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‘Locked and Loaded’ – As Nikki Haley Festoons at UN, the Rest of World Remains Unimpressed

Tensions were palpable at the UN Security Council afterwards, with sparks flying between US, UK and Russian representatives, as the Tripartite powers are accused of flouting international law and undermining the United Nations itself. 

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley claims the US are “locked and loaded” for another strike should another uncanny ‘chemical weapons’ incident manifest itself on social media, which seems to leave the potential for more staged incidents designed to draw the US and its allies into another round of illegal military aggression in Syria.

However, most nations have been taken aback by Friday’s near unilateral act of aggression by the US, UK and France against Syria. Unless they are willing to engage in actual diplomacy, over time, the US and UK representatives will finds themselves increasingly isolated by the rest of the overwhelming majority of the international community.

As UNSC representative from Bolivia Sacha Llorenti stated, “The problem is that the United States believes and it acts as if it’s above any law. They believe they have their own rules and it’s not the case,” and has stressed from the onset that the security council should “unite and to create an independent mechanism in order to investigate the alleged chemical attacks.”

Meanwhile on the streets of Damascus, life goes on as Syrians remain defiant and mostly unimpressed with President Trump’s symbol missile strike. Watch:

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