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John Pilger: ‘Silencing Assange is Part of Aggressive US-UK War on Free Speech’

The following is an interview with award-winning international journalist John advocating here on behalf of Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange – who has been arbitrarily detained for the last 5 years in the basement of Ecuadorian embassy in London. Under pressure from the US and UK governments, the Ecuadorian government has now cut off Assange’s communications with the outside world. 

“Julian Assange his organization WikiLeaks have done so much to expose the true nature of this war – the rapacious side to this war, and the dangers that it presents. Silencing him, taking away this basic freedom of speech is part of that. It’s part of the propaganda war.”

“That’s what this propaganda war is about – it is a war on speaking out. It is a war on dissent… it’s a war on journalism and it requires collaborators like in The Guardian.”

“WikiLeaks, over the years is so important because it does what journalism should be doing and that is holding great power to account.”

“The British government is breaking the law. They participated in a 16 month-long investigation by the United Nations which came out with its report. They [the British] went along with it. They didn’t like the result, so they didn’t comply with it. It’s like walking out of a court when you don’t like the verdict… that’s what they’ve done. The law is very clear Assange has long been vindicated – the Swedish case was bogus. That collapsed and the political case against him has been answered many times over, and the international case is something that is there for all to see… the United Nations has called on the British government to abide by international law, and give Assange, a political refugee, free passage out of the embassy.” Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue