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UK COLUMN: Cambridge Analytica, Corbyn vs The Lobby, Dr. Nott and the ‘City State’ Agenda

More proof that Cambridge Analytica ‘meddled’ and ‘colluded’ in both the US and UK electoral process, and UK Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn continues to be attacked by UK Jewish Lobby with charges of “antisemitism” over his stance towards the State of Israel, and the famous Dr. Nott on the BBC claims the Russians are hacking him – is it fake news? We’ll also look at the globalists’ rolling out their ‘City State’ agenda at SXSW in Texas. All this and more…

UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest host from 21WIRE Patrick Henningsen for some of this week’s top stories in the UK, Europe, US and the Middle East. Watch:

START – Cambridge Analytica & evidence of Brexit ‘rule breaking’…?
– Jeremy Corbyn: Labour promises to stop funding CSSF
– “Enough is enough”…another ‘anti-semitism’ attack on Labour
– Tory aid: helping the World’s poorest or more global control…?
– Dr. Nott: Russians hacked my Skype and bombed hospital… Bombs didn’t hit hospital…more fake news from Telegraph & BBC
– 21st Century Wire article: White Helmets & ‘Local Councils’
– Media on Trial event: 27 May, Leeds
– NHS conference: Dying for Good Health – 12 May, Nottingham
32:54 – Alternative View 9 conference: 4-7 May, near Milton Keynes
33:18 – Donald Trump out to kill the World Trade Organization…?
– Lord Ahmad: useful idiot – new Cyber Security export strategy… Private (unaccountable) companies to help government gather ‘intelligence’
– USA: SxSW conference – more promotion of Global Cities Agenda Direct ties to UN Agenda 2030, the New Urban Agenda & Paris Agreement.

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