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PODCAST: Here’s Why the Russian “Bots” and “Fake News” Story is a Total Fraud

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen was guest co-host on the February 19th, 2018 edition of the UK Column News and explained in just a few minutes why the entire Russiagate story is “a total fraud.”

Everybody’s lost their mind over Russiagate. So desperate to nail Trump, now they’re mixing the recent Florida school shooting with the Russiagate story. Samantha Power is even retweeting Wired Magazine’s actual fake news report. Yes, the “Golden Age of Stupid” in America is here.

Listen to this bonus clip from 21st Century Wire’s Podcast:

Mueller’s indicted “trolls”

Julian Assange lays it all out there with the Mueller investigation’s new indictment of the band of Russian ‘trolls’ buried in Mueller’s own ‘astroturfing’ of the realities of social media operations for profit like the Internet Research Agency – and Facebook, Twitter, Google and just about every media outlet on the planet. Will ‘kitten appreciation’ memes divide our country? Pure insanity. Assange tweets:

Henningsen agrees with Assange’s assessment of Mueller’s latest boondoggle, adding “Building an audience, audience engagement…this is Internet 101.”

This is an obvious fact, and commonly accepted practice in media, but a concept that seems to be lost on the Mueller investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the rest of the Russiagaters out there.

The “fake news” fraud

Henningsen concludes:

“When you see something on Facebook, people, and it says ‘Pope Francis has just endorsed Donald Trump’…if you believe that on face value, chances are you are what they call a low information voter. Or, you’re probably not even registered to vote anyway. It’s not going to affect your voting at all. There’s never been any proof presented…to poll the people who have voted to see who has seen any of these so-called famous ‘fake news’ memes in the run up to the election and how they actually voted. There’s no sort of empirical correlation, at all, that’s ever been attempt or presented. All these university programs, they’re doling millions and millions of dollars for people doing research projects on how to spot and how to manage and how to combat fake news. Meanwhile, they haven’t even proved the premise to begin with. It’s a total fraud.”

What Robert Mueller has basically done here is indict the whole of the Internet – let that sink in – and has further taken his Russia investigation into the depths of the imbecilic.

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