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Ghouta: Terrorists Fire Over 70 Missiles into Damascus, Targeting Humanitarian Corridors

#SAVE GHOUTA: Staged photo as part of a seemingly endless stream of expensive western-backed propaganda designed to lend legitimacy to the terrorist occupation of East Ghouta in Damascus.

As the Syrian Government continues its operation to liberate the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta from terrorist occupation, the western media, along with foundation-funded hashtag campaigns, continue to hysterical overdrive in an effort to somehow legitimize the 6 year terrorist occupation of this area. 

Meanwhile, terrorists continue to randomly shell civilians in Damascus, as well as hitting humanitarian corridors, thus keeping many residents from being able to evacuate in an orderly fashion (see report further below).

Here is Ken Roth, the director of Human Rights Watch, putting out various images devoid of any real context, claiming that they are representative of the ‘suffering of people in Ghouta’. In reality, Roth and HRW, have been caught circulating fraudulent images and lying about events in the past – is simply recycling previously failed western propaganda campaigns like #AleppoIsBurning and others:

Like with Aleppo in 2016, western funded, pro-terrorist propaganda campaigns are being run (by the same actors), this time under the heading of #SaveGhouta:

Here, Hadi Nasrallah points to the fact that when western media in the US and UK feign outrage for civilian casualties in East Ghouta, in actuality, they don’t really care about those civilians in their prized “rebel-held” areas beyond their propaganda and media image value – still used to exploit public opinion and disrupt any progress made by the Syrian government to liberate terrorist-held areas, thus buying time and sympathy for terrorists:

In reality, terrorists occupying East Ghouta are keeping residents from fleeing through government-established humanitarian corridors.

Almasdar News reports…

BEIRUT, LEBANON (2:50 P.M.) – Syrian militant groups operating east of Damascus have, during the course of a single day, unleashed a crescendo rocket and shell fire onto civilian targets within the capital, also targeting government-run evacuation points for people attempting to escape rebel-controlled areas.

According to reports, Friday has witnessed militant artillery units fire-off 71 rocket (including ballistic designs) and mortar explosive projectiles at various government-controlled neighborhoods and evacuation sites across Damascus. At least thirty projectiles hit the Dahiyat Al-Assad suburb and another 10 hit the Jaramana suburb.

Furthermore, eight projectiles struck the Al-Wafideen camp site where the Syrian Army has set up an evacuation point for civilians attempting to escape militant-held areas of East Ghouta.

The remainder of the rockets and mortar rounds landed across the districts of Mazzeh, Bab Tuma, Kassa and Rukn Ad-Deen.

As of Saturday, the civilian casualty toll has been tallied at three killed and 60 injured – among this some 14 children.

21WIRE can also highlight the following reports – from Damascus:

"Jaysh Al-Islam" or so called the Army of Islam threatened Damascus to target it with those missiles yesterday and they…

Posted by Ghoufran Derawan on Friday, February 23, 2018

More indiscriminate shelling of civilians by the “rebel” terrorists – happening multiple times per day for the last 3 months:

The following citizen journalist report shows the aftermath of a mortar attack in near the Old City of Damascus (video on left hand side), and also footage the REAL Syria Civil Defense (not the western invention, the White Helmets) entering a burning building (video on the right hand side) following a missile attack fired from East Ghouta by US and Saudi-backed terrorists occupying that area of Damascus:

Terrorist mortars from Guta on Damascus today .

Posted by Ghoufran Derawan on Friday, February 23, 2018

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