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Henningsen: ‘Are Trump’s Comments Worse Than Bush and Blair’s War?’

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen, reporting for RT International, on Trump’s ‘S***hole’ comments and more…

Henningsen: “I wouldn’t trust anything coming out of the mainstream media. Clearly there’s a partisan agenda here. I think it’s good in sense, because it is opening up the conversation on a number of important issues, especially with regards to Haiti. And take a closer look…this could do with a microscope, actually, to look at what is going on in that country over the last few years with all the aid money being pumped into that country with very little results.

RT: ‘Bad for Trump?

Henningsen: “It is. A bit of levity is in order here. Whatever happened to the old saying ‘MOABS and carpet bombing may wipe out my country, but names will never hurt me’ ? Where’s the righteous indignation for past events like Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc…?”

RT: ‘Trump’s London Trip canceled…

Henningsen: “I disagree with the President. I think it’s a better site for an embassy (Vauxhall). I think it’s just to avoid the protests. But it can’t be worse than what Bush faced during the Iraq War. Is Donald Trump’s language worse than what Bush and Blair said with the Iraq War?

RT: ‘London Mayor Sadiq Khan…?

Henningsen: ‘What about Julian Assange being held prisoner in the basement in London? Is that in line with ‘Londoners’ values?’


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