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‘Committed Russophile’ Boris Johnson Goes to Moscow to Perform a Pantomime

Russia Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with off-colour British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Downing Street let its pug off the leash this week, allowing it to board a plane to Moscow.

It was the first time a UK Foreign Secretary has set foot in Russia there since William Hague went five years ago. Many had high hopes that Boris Johnson would be able to string consecutive sentences together without mumbling an incoherent quip or insult, but alas their hopes were dashed:

The foreign secretary described relations between Britain and Russia as avery old diplomatic relationship, dating back to Ivan the Terrible.He then admitted that Lavrov had pointed out that ‘Ivan the 4th’ is the official title of the former Russian tsar.

Today’s meeting comes on the heals of Johnson’s fighting remarks earlier this week about British-Russian relations being “at a very low ebb.”

Past comments by Johnson include him saying that Russia was ‘in danger of becoming a pariah nation,’ along with a string of other gaffs.

On Thursday night before the Lavrov summit, Johnson even went so far as to threaten Russia with a UK launch of ‘retaliatory attack’ in response to Russia’s ‘destabilising’ cyber activity. Evidence has yet to be presented though as to what that ‘destabilising’ activity actually is.

UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has repeated allegations of Russian meddling in Western politics during talks with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov, claiming there is “abundant evidence” of election interference in Germany, France, the US and other countries – although no actual proof of US and UK conspiracy theory has ever been presented to the public.

He also claimed that Russia was somehow destabilizing Europe, stating, “Our relations with Russia cannot be ‘business as usual’ whilst Russia continues to attempt to destabilize European states, including Ukraine.”

“British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told a Moscow press conference on Friday that London could not ignore Russia’s interference in political processes around the world, its involvement in the conflict in eastern Ukraine or the ill-treatment of gay people in the republic of Chechnya,” reported DW.

After landing in Moscow, Johnson is now claiming, “I am a committed Russophile.”

RT International reports…

“It took him several attempts to reach Moscow since becoming the top UK diplomat, but Boris Johnson finally made it, and was as keen to display his Russian credentials as diplomatic ones, declaring himself “a committed Russophile.”

He is the first British foreign secretary to visit Russia in five years, amid strained relations, and he confirmed, the first British Foreign Secretary called Boris.

During a news conference following talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Johnson attempted to show off some Russian speaking skills and offered his now traditional boast about his “Russian ancestors.”

He rarely misses the opportunity these days to talk about how his great-great-grandmother was a slave from southern Russia.

I took the trouble before coming foreign secretary to station my ancestors around the world. I have them in Germany and France, all over the place. America, and of course here in Moscow as well,” Johnson said. “I believe, I am certain that I am the first foreign secretary in the history of my office to be called Boris. Probably quite likely to be the last for some time I would think.”

Britain’s foreign secretary said all this was a sign that he wanted to see an improvement in relations “between our peoples.”

Lavrov said the talks had been “friendly,” and called that “helpful.” Boris said he had showed just how much trust he has by “handing his hat and coat and gloves to Sergei Lavrov, safe in the knowledge he would look after it.” A laughing Lavrov responded by saying he had found “nothing” in Boris Johnson’s pockets.

The two top diplomats shared a number of chuckles together. When Johnson interrupted Lavrov during an answer about alleged Russian interference in the Brexit vote, Moscow’s representative suggested the UK official was just trying to protect his reputation in the media. The smirk on Johnson’s face gave the impression he may have agreed.

Johnson offered one reassurance to those listening in. At the very least, “the relations between me and Sergey Lavrov are considerably better” than those between Stalin and Churchill. Well there’s something to build on.

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Johnson may have another uncomfortable moment – if he had to answer any questions about the Tory government funding terrorists in Syria through the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office which funds the Syrian “opposition” via its Conflict Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) overseas subversion slush fund.

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Moscow officials have also taken issue with actions taken by British media regulators against “Kremlin-funded news outlets” such as RT UK, after US and UK governments  have accused Russia of deliberately disseminating false information.

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