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CLOAKED IN CONSPIRACY: Overview of JFK Files Reopens Door to Coup d’état Claims & Cold War Era False Flag Terror

Shawn Helton
21st Century Wire

Since late October, an ongoing release of intelligence files related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have reignited decades old conspiracy claims. While the material released is reportedly a mix of new and old, some critics have declared that the recently declassified files reveal even more startling evidence regarding the death of 35th president of the United States.

Upon reviewing pivotal historical elements linked to the Kennedy assassination, we’re told that the vast majority of CIA and FBI records regarding the JFK files have been released, though many are still pending.

Despite claims that newly revealed files contain smoking gun evidence in the enigmatic case, the murder of President John F. Kennedy is perhaps an act that will forever be shrouded in conspiracy and mystery as the controversial case is unlikely to ever be officially reopened during our lifetime.

‘CLOAKED IN CONSPIRACY’ – JFK assassination claims have been reignited following the CIA and FBI case record releases. (Photo Illustration 21WIRE’s Shawn Helton)

NOTE*While the JFK files have been making their way to The National Archives website since late October, some material released contains names of certain individuals that will remain redacted due to apparent concerns over national security.

Although the JFK case is one of America’s most compelling conspiracies, it’s doubtful that there will ever be complete transparency regarding any information concerning a larger premeditated plot. Among the mountain of theories and credible information concerning the 35th president’s assassination, is the likely inclusion of red herrings, false leads, misinformation and media tripwire’s that will forever float in the ether of conspiracy realms in an effort to misdirect the public.

In the early 1950’s, the CIA ran a cloaked wide-scale program called Operation Mockingbird. The controversial program infiltrated the American news media in order to influence the public, while also disseminating propaganda through various front organizations, magazines and cultural groups.

At the start of 2017, more than 12 million declassified documents from the CIA were reportedly published online. While the intelligence docu-dump was believed to have shed additional light on covert war programs, psychic research and the Cold War era, it also contained more evidence confirming the symbiotic relationship between the CIA and American media.

‘DARK DAY’ –  The JFK motorcade traveling through Dallas on November 22nd, 1963. Later that fateful day, Kennedy was scheduled to give a speech at the Dallas Trade Mart. One month earlier, Kennedy had discussed plans to withdraw troops from Vietnam. (Image Source: businessinsider)

Over the course of this article, we’ll take a look at one of America’s most puzzling crimes, while examining some of the most intriguing aspects related to the recently declassified JFK files…

Guarding the Hen House

Although the CIA’s declassified JFK documents offer a window into a web of clandestine operatives, cloaked mafia figureheads and uncanny politically connections at play throughout the tension inducing Cold War era, one should remain skeptical and cautious, as it’s very unlikely that any new release would result in a criminal case against the producers of such a large conspiratorial crime, even if such a plot revealed irrefutable evidence.

‘TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS’ –  After Jim Garrison’s case against Shaw, the DA was found not guilty on charges of bribery in a separate trial regarding illegal pinball gambling. Garrison represented himself in 3-hour much ballyhooed closing statement and was easily acquitted on all charges. (Image Source: nola)

Moreover, while it’s tempting to take the claims of the US intelligence apparatus at face value, an astute observer should tread lightly when viewing any new disclosures related to the JFK assassination.

In fact, the very institutions releasing these files today, were at the heart of a controversial investigation conducted by New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, whose CIA related conspiracy claims regarding President Kennedy’s assassination led to charges against a well-known New Orleans businessman and former WW2 military intelligence officer named Clay Shaw. After having been decorated with several prestigious military merits without ever having seen fire in the battlefield – Shaw quickly rose through the ranks of the military, even joining the counterintelligence squad known as the Special Operations Section.

Shaw’s military pedigree recalls the prototype for modern ‘Deep State’ intelligence programs and the formation of the Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI), an intelligence propaganda agency in 1941 that was succeeded by Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a wartime intelligence apparatus created in 1942 which focused on psychological warfare prior to the formation of the CIA. OSS agents also worked closely with British Security Coordination (BSC). Additionally, the notorious right-wing paramilitary group Organisation armée secrète (OAS) in France from 1954-1962 had close ties with the CIA through various front organizations connected to the agency.

Below is passage concerning the formation of the CIA as illuminated by Jay Dyer of Jay’s Analysis. Here we see that the inception of the CIA was a direct result of the passing of the National Security Act of 1947, as well as the influence of powerful political US-UK think-tanks coordinating in the background:

“First, the CIA (preceded by the OSS) was set up as a result of the National Security Act of 1947 [signed] under [Harry S. Truman after the OSS creation by] Franklin D. Roosevelt, springing in part from the Pratt House in New York (future home of the Council on Foreign Relations), itself modelled from the British Secret Intelligence Service.  Likewise, the over-arching institutions that control and run the intelligence agencies in the West, like the Council on Foreign Relations, were modelled on the Oxford Round Table Groups and the Royal Institute for International Affairs.  Indeed, the Pratt House’s British counterpart was the Chatham House.”

From America to Europe, the spectre of intelligence operations has loomed large throughout much of the last century and in the suspicious death of JFK, this was never more apparent…

‘CONSPIRATOR?’ – A brooding Clay Shaw photographed during the JFK assassination trial in 1968. (Image Source: nola)

Company Men & Spymasters

In the aftermath of WW2, Shaw was stated to have been officially discharged from military duty. This prompted the published playwright and Chevalier of the Order of the Crown in Belgium (Knight of Malta) to then travel to New Orleans, whereupon he supposedly received support from the entrepreneurial millionaire Theodore Brent, a local businessman known for rail and shipping operations, including the Mississippi Shipping Company, an organization believed to be a CIA intelligence front that allegedly focused on gathering information on Latin America. Incidentally, the former OSS intelligence officer Shaw, held his first post-war position with the Mississippi Shipping Company.

In 1943, Brent helped charter the International House with a collection of leaders of commerce, trade and banking insiders. It would become one of two predecessors before the creation of the world’s first trade center.

In 1947, Shaw became a founder and managing director of International Trade Mart, a New Orleans financial partner housed in a 33-story cross-shaped building that played a large role in international commerce. The ‘Trade Mart’ as it was called, merged with the International House to form the World Trade Center (see left photo) of New Orleans in 1968. Upon the apparent ‘sponsorship’ of the trade center, the group sought to expand trade operations in Basel, Switzerland, a project that was backed by a slew of well-connected financiers that brought to fruition the organization known as Permindex. Over the years, many researchers have examined extremely compelling ties between the CIA and Permindex, as one of the holding company’s main backers, a lawyer named Lloyd J. Cobb held a Covert Security Clearance issued by the CIA in October of 1953. In addition, Shaw served on the board of directors at Permindex, as Cobb would later become president of Trade Mart in 1962, providing further evidence of the kind of international reach held by the CIA-linked group of partners. Interestingly, one of the Trade Mart’s stated goals would not only be to act as a conduit for foreign trade but the organization would alsocounter communist propaganda.” This is something that would later fall in line with other CIA-linked operations over that time period.

Temple University professor and well-known JFK researcher Joan Mellen, found a number of other links between the CIA and the International Trade Mart that aroused suspicion. Here’s a short passage from her book entitled A Farewell to Justice: Jim Garrison, JFK’s Assassination, And the Case That Should Have Changed History:”

“The International Trade Mart was run by CIA operatives, its public relations handled by David G. Baldwin, who would later acknowledge his own “CIA connections.” Baldwin’s successor, Jesse Core, was also with the CIA. It was a matter of saving the Agency “shoe leather,” Core would say. The Trade Mart donated money to CIA asset Ed Butler’s INCA. Every consulate within its bowels was bugged.” 

Furthermore, not only were Trade Mart and Permindex linked to the CIA – but (see left photo) they were also suspected of ties to organized crime.

In March of 1967, according to the Italian newspaper Paese Sera, Permindex was said to have been CIA front for the purposes of political espionage in Europe, including claims that the company took part in an attempted assassination on the French Prime Minister Charles de Gualle alongside the extremist French group OAS in 1961. There were some 30 attempts on de Gaulle’s life in the early 1960’s, which many believe was linked to him granting Algeria independence. In 1966, de Gaulle also bucked the established order by withdrawing France from the NATO Military Command Structure. In 1958, after the inception of Permindex, Shaw, along with Cobb and other banking and trade insiders, including David Rockefeller, created a Permindex subsidiary in Rome known as Centro Mondaiale Commerciale (CMC). Permindex/CMC, were later kicked out of Italy due to implications that the CIA front organizations were involved in the subversion of European governments.

After Shaw’s arrest, Joan Mellen’s husband Ralph Schoenman sent the Paese Sera newspaper articles to Garrison from London. The Italian paper according to Mellen, exposed the “CIA’s pernicious attempt to influence European electoral politics and thwart the democratic process in more than one country.”

Adding to that, Mellen explained in her book mentioned above, that the family of former CIA Director of Central Intelligence, Allen Dulles (left photo), had been very ‘interested’ in Permindex.  In 2005, Dr. Daniele Ganser stated that a highly secretive CIA-backed paramilitary army was “born out of the head of Allen Dulles” in his seminal book, NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.” According Ganser’s research, documents revealed that the CIA’s covert armies were used to subvert the political interests of various nations through the implementation of a Cold-War era strategy of tension. As the former Swiss Director of the OSS, Dulles, had a tainted past tied to a program which sought to assimilate Nazi scientists into America after WW2 under the code name Operation Paperclip. A decade later in 1953, Dulles as head of the CIA approved $1 million dollars in the lead up to overthrow the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in what became known as Operation Ajax (aka the TPAJAX project). One year later, in 1954, he was the mastermind of a Guatemalan coup.

In the aftermath of the JFK assassination, Dulles would be appointed as one of a seven member panel on the controversial Warren Commission headed by fellow Freemason Chief Justice Earl Warren. Rather intriguingly, David Talbot‘s book entitledThe Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government,”  recently raised more questions concerning the potential role played by Dulles in the death of Kennedy.

During the Dulles era as CIA chief, Shaw’s served as an informant in the CIA’s Domestic Contacts Service throughout 1948-1956. Given Shaw’s extensive military intelligence background, it stands to reason any connection to the CIA would have been extremely significant.

Prior to the formation of the top-secret project QKENCHANT in 1952, Shaw was granted a ‘five-agency’ clearance in 1949. According to FOIA documents obtained by the Mary Ferrell Foundation, “Subject [Shaw] was granted a Provisional Security Approval for use under Project QKENCHANT on an unwitting basis on 10 December 1962.” The ‘Agency’ project QKENCHANT was allegedly used to grant security approvals to “non-Agency personnel,” along with closely tied entities for the purpose of proposing future projects, activities and the formation of new relationships. Interestingly, project QKENCHANT also used the services of another individual swirling in the JFK assassination stratosphere named E. Howard Hunt. Years later, the former CIA operative and White House aide Hunt, would become a well-known name as he was tagged as one of five Watergate burglars that stained the Nixon administration after breaking into the Democratic National Committee headquarters. The list of additional accomplices included three other apparent anti-communist Cuban exiles, along with G. Gordon Liddy, and James McCord who would also be implicated in the ‘White House Plumbers’ plot.

In 2007, although Hunt declined direct participation, he released a 2004 controversial confession that suggested he played a ‘benchwarmer’ role in the plot to kill Kennedy. While Hunt’s apparent allegations caused quite a stir, he fingered several suspected plotters such as the anti-Castro Frank Sturgis and Cuban exile leader of Alpha 66, Antonio Veciana, a man who claims to have ‘inadvertently’ witnessed a meeting with the CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald before Kennedy’s death.

In Michael Benson‘s Who’s Who in the JFK Assassination: An A to Z Encyclopedia,” according to Garrison, CMC represented the paramilitary right in Europe, along with the “Italian fascists, American CIA and other interests.” Here’s a compelling passage from Benson’s book that links CMC, Permindex, the CIA and organized crime:

“According to evidence in the WC [Warren Commission] hearings, Permindex was suspected of funding political assassinations and laundering money for organized crime. Shaw was also on the board of directors for Permindex’s sister corporation, Centro Mondaiale Commerciale CMC.

Benson’s book also cites other well researched claims regarding CMC and the apparent money laundering of their liquid assets. According to a 1958 State Department document, the CMC, the World Trade Center of Rome, was indeed modeled after the CIA-created Trade Mart in New Orleans.

More recently, important ‘groundbreaking’ documents associated with the construct of CMC were unearthed in 2016 by the Italian journalist Michele Metta.

According to well-known researcher and writer Jim Marrs a tangled web of intelligence operations linked to Permindex and CMC were further described in his book entitledCross Fire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy.” Below is a revealing passage from the seminal JFK researcher:

“The Trade Mart was connected with the Centro Mondaiale Commerciale CMC through yet another shadowy firm named Permindex (Permanent Industrial Expositions), also in the business of international expositions.”

Continuing, Cross Fire exposed other suspicious intelligence links:

“The Italian media reported that [Ferenc] Nagy was president of Permindex and the board chairman and major stockholder was Major Louis Mortimer Bloomfield a powerful Montreal lawyer who represented the Bronfmans, a Canadian family made wealthy by the liquor industry, as well as serving US intelligence services. Reportedly Bloomfield established Permindex in 1958 as part of the creation of worldwide trade centers connected with CMC.”

As reported in investigative work by David Goldman and Jeffery Steinberg in 1981, Bloomfield was stated to have been recruited to be part of the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) in 1938. later the Montreal lawyer obtained an official rank in the US Army, OSS intelligence and the FBI’s counterespionage ‘Division Five’ unit as confirmed by Marrs. Additionally, Bloomfield held close ties with Master Mason FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and Tibor Rosenbaum, a head of finance for Israeli intelligence.

Further conspiratorial claims would be levied on Rosenbaum’s Geneva-based Banque de Credit International (BCI), a Mossad-linked bank that allegedly laundered Permindex money to finance assassination attempts on de Gaulle. BCI was also the predecessor to the scandal plagued Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) that was later found to be peddling in terror funding, arms deals and prostitution. BCCI would later be implicated in the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee report called The BCCI Affair. In 1974, Rosenbaum himself was said to have owed BCI some $60‐million after his business associate Baron Edmond de Rothschild of the Israel Corporation, discovered an apparent an “open and shut case of unauthorized conversion of company funds,” that were transferred to the insolvent Inter‐Credit Trust of Vaduz instead of BCI.

‘COVERT OPERATOR?’ – Lee Harvey Oswald seen handing out ‘Fair Play for Cuba’ leaflets outside the International Trade Mart in New Orleans in August of 1963. (Image Source: neworleanspast)

The Dallas Plot & The Cuban Project

In March of 1967, Garrison, the ex-FBI agent turned DA, indicted Shaw on conspiracy charges related to the assassination of President Kennedy. It would take 22 months before the court proceedings would begin in a trial which lasted 34 days. Aspects of the Shaw trial became popularized following Oliver Stone‘s much debated and controversial thriller entitled JFK (1991).

At the start of the trial in 1969, Garrison’s opening statement contended that Shaw, a man believed to have used the alias known as ‘Clay Bertrand’ (also Clem) within the New Orleans socialite scene and gay underground, was also a well-connected former military intelligence officer with no formal background in trade that allegedly participated in a plot to kill the 35th president of the United States. Garrison would further assert that Shaw met with a former US Marine Lee Harvey Oswald and an airline pilot for Eastern Airlines, David Ferrie on several occasions over the summer of 1963, eventually culminated in a meeting at Ferrie’s New Orleans apartment where Garrison’s star-witness a 25-year-old insurance salesman for Equitable Life Assurance Society named Perry Raymond Russo, apparently overheard the men discussing critical details regarding a JFK assassination plot in September of 1963.

Below is screen shot depicting a portion of a NY Times article discussing Russo’s testimony of the JFK plot…

Russo’s account of what happened was a major part of the trial and has been one of the most controversial aspects of Garrison’s case against Shaw ever since. Over the years, researchers and mainstream critics have debated the credibility of Russo after receiving hypnosis prior to his testimony.

JFK case critics believe that due to the combination of the credibility of witnesses called into question, the possibility of planted witnesses and the untimely deaths of some 18 material witnesses, including the controversial death of Ferrie, who was not able to be deposed, Shaw was acquitted in 54 minutes in the only JFK assassination case to make it to trial.

A documentary entitled ‘The JFK Assassination; The Jim Garrison Tapes’ discusses many of the  controversial elements of the Shaw trial and its aftermath…

Interestingly, the demanding trial would include some surprising moments based on witness testimony, as well as the shocking Abraham Zapruder footage which was viewed publicly for the first time before the jury. Moreover, it would later be revealed that the apparent dressmaker Zapruder, had his own links to a CIA front organization as he was stated to have been a member of the Dallas Council on World Affairs. Another fellow member of the council orbiting around the JFK plot, was petroleum engineer George Serguis de Mohrenschildt. Mohrenschildt’s ties didn’t end there, as he apparently worked out of a CIA-trust building and had befriended Oswald in the summer of 1962. It would later be revealed that Mohrenschildt exchanged letters with Texas oilman and Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) some seven months before the JFK assassination and that he knew George Bush Sr since 1942. Surely, these high level links to CIA and top-ranking officials tracing back to Oswald were not just a coincidence. The whole episode appears to have been echoed two decades later, as a Bush/Hinckley family nexus was exposed following an attempt to assassinate the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

While many mainstream accounts support a Fidel Castro theory in the death of Kennedy due to the apparent assassination attempts on his life, its important to note the massive CIA influence in Cuba. According to Cuban-born American historian and writer Servando Gonzalez, Castro himself had ties to the Council on Foreign Relations and was really a form of controlled opposition. Furthermore, when concerning a larger conspiracy revolving around Cuba, one should consider the political backdrop – on one hand there was the possibly designed to fail CIA-backed ‘Bay of Pigs‘ invasion which set the stage for Operation Mongoose, a clandestine program overseen by the CIA, the US State Department (DOS) and the Department of Defense (DoD). Mongoose made use of the anti-Castro Oswald-CIA-mafia-linked Ferrie, along with Cuban exiles in order to sabotage the Castro regime. Additionally, waiting in the wings was the top-secret proposal called Operation Northwoods, a particularly subversive false flag program that included plots of hijacked planes, the bombing of a US ship, a virulent communist Cuban terror campaign in US cities and manufacturing the “real or simulated” deaths of Cuban refugees.

In April of 1961, US planning for the Cuban Project aka Operation Mongoose began and was to stated to have been led by Air Force General Edward Lansdale, Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and others. The all-encompassing covert war program (seen in part in the image below) would be set in motion to subvert the Cuban regime by October 1962. Underneath the network of Operation Mongoose, there were 33 proposed plans (including Operation Northwoods) designed specifically to be used as a pretext to invade Cuba.

The Northwoods false flag operation drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and signed off on by Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer was ultimately rejected by Kennedy. However, the declassified files related to the operation are still shocking 55 years later, as the program considered creating “funerals for mock victims,” for one of the various plots, as well as produce “casualty lists in US newspapers,” in order to “cause a helpful wave of indignation,” as another plot would reveal where “Soviet bloc incendiaries could be found,” after a night of cane-burning in Cuba.

This was all said to be happening as President Kennedy was stated to have quietly been working to negotiate through ‘back channels’ with Castro. October of 1962 ushered in the Cuban Missile Crisis a tense escalation during the Cold War that culminated in Soviet nuclear missiles being placed in Cuba to prevent an invasion. During this time, all Mongoose related operations were halted, as US intelligence apparently failed to warn the Kennedy administration of the Soviet military aid.

One could contend that the entirety of Mongoose PSYOP used to cast blame on Cuba was a precursor for future nation building projects that have also unfairly manipulated the public in the wake of alleged mass trauma.

‘PATSY?’ – Many researchers believe that the alleged lone gunman in the JFK assassination was an intelligence linked operative who used the alias, Alek Hidell.  (Image Source: pinterest)

Covert Operators, the Mafia & NATO’s False Flags

As the identity of Oswald has been shrouded in mystery and manipulation, one is reminded of his ‘Fair Play for Cuba’ Committee housed at 544 Camp Street in the very same building of Guy Banister, ex-FBI agent turned private investigator, whose office was at 531 Lafayette Street, just around the corner from Oswald’s office in the now demolished Newman building. Incidentally, Banister was stated to have been linked to the FBI’s Hoover, while maintaining a front investigative firm that included the CIA operative Ferrie, who reportedly had very close ties to one of the country’s most powerful mafia bosses, Carlos Marcello of New Orleans. According to a Washington Post article from 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations believed that Banister’s “private detective agency was a cover for his role as go-between for the CIA and the Cuban exiles involved in anti-Castro operations.” AdditionallyBanister and Ferrie were reportedly engaged in a gun-running operation for Cuban commandos, as the building became headquarters for anti-Castro groups. A decade after the assassination and Shaw trial, CIA operative William Gaudet claimed to have seen Banister with Oswald in a garage near the Camp Street offices. Banister was also found to have ties to the extremist French group OAS.

Interestingly, both Oswald and Ferrie operated offices out of the 544 Camp Street address. This meant that the apparently pro-Castro Oswald group operated directly next to Ferrie’s anti-Castro activities. The absurdity of this revelation is still as potent today as it was in the late 1960’s. Furthermore, the Post article mentioned above, explained that “Banister’s Camp Street office was surrounded by Cuban-exile organizations, including at one point the Cuban Revolutionary Council, a CIA front group set up by, among others, Antonio de Varona, the Cuban exile leader.”

Rather intriguingly, the Warren Commission would conclude that no one could connect Oswald to 544 Camp Street. This would directly contradict the FBI’s own pre-assassination file which had already conclusively linked Oswald to the well-known Camp Street address.

Even though allegedly avowed Marxist Oswald operated the pro-Castro ‘Fair Play for Cuba’ Committee, the group was later suspected to be an intelligence ‘cover’ designed to further the pursuits of the anti-Castro movement. This something which fell in line with the “rabidly anti-Communist,” CIA-linked Ferrie, a person with a sordid past and lengthy history of sexual abuse from his time in priesthood as well as aeronautics.

It was later publicly acknowledged that Ferrie first met Oswald while instructing a small squadron at Moisant Airport from June to September 1955. This contradicted Ferrie, who denied knowing Oswald after the Kennedy assassination. The 15-year-old Oswald joined Ferrie’s squadron on July 27, 1955.

‘COLLABORATORS?’ – The Lee Harvey Oswald and David Ferrie seen together with a flight squad at Moisant Airport. (Image source: meandlee)

NATO’s paramilitary-style stay-behind-armies are stated to have been comprised the CIA-linked Operation GLADIO. The origins of GLADIO have been well documented and the secretive counterintelligence operation has been linked to a wave of right-wing ‘false flag’ terror attacks across Europe throughout the 1950’s into the 1980’s. The anti-communist organizational designs were directly connected to that of the CIA and MI6 in particular, with the US and British special forces reportedly facilitating the training.

QUESTION: Did Permindex/CMC, along with NATO intelligence, also play a part in facilitating the efforts of Operation GLADIO?

When you consider the time frame of ‘Stay Behind’ operations already in existence since 1952, it seems likely that the CIA would make use of its various front organizations to supply the means to produce such covert operations. This is further bolstered by the fact that in 1956, the same year Permindex became operational in Switzerland, Prime Minister of Hungary Ferenc Nagy, who is documented to have been a CIA asset, had gone to Germany and Switzerland on the heels of the apparently CIA influenced Hungarian Revolution. It’s worth noting that Nagy was also said to have served on the board of directors at Permindex.

According to noted writer and researcher Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under Ronald Reagan’s administration, JFK was unaware of the CIA-NATO terror related activities of Operation GLADIO. Here’s a passage from that report by Roberts below:

“President John F. Kennedy had experienced in the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Chairman Lyman Lemnitzer a high level of insubordination. Lemnitzer showed in White House meetings contempt for the president. When Lemnitzer brought Kennedy the Northwoods Project to shoot down American citizens in the streets of America and to blow American airliners out of the sky in order to place the blame on Castro so that the US could invade and achieve “regime change,” a popular term of the George W. Bush regime, in Cuba, President Kennedy removed Lemnitzer as chairman and sent him to Europe as head of NATO.

Kennedy did not know about Operation Gladio, an assassination program in Europe run by NATO and the CIA. Communists were blamed for Operation Gladio’s bombings of civilians in train stations in order to erode communist political influence, especially in Italy. Thus, Kennedy’s way of getting rid of Lemnitzer put Lemnitzer in charge of this program and gave Lemnitzer a way to get rid of John Kennedy.”

The article also provides a plausible explanation for the assassination of JFK’s brother Robert after he won the Democratic party primary in California in June of 1968. It appears according to Roberts, that RFK might have known about the assassins interwoven into the fabric of the intelligence-crime syndicate shaped and organized by military-linked men, those in high level security operations and those connected to the mafia that played a role in JFK’s death. Roberts suggests that RFK was seeking higher office to potentially hold those involved accountable for their crimes against America and his brother, the 35th president of the United States.

From this, we can view global operations like GLADIO in addition to the post-9/11 “War On Terror” security surge as a form of ‘power politics’ used to aggressively influence the foreign policy of other nations through the use of covert militarization.

Lets take a look at some of the records related to the latest CIA and FBI releases in 2017 worth examining in one of the most notorious crimes of the 20th century…

Below is a screen capture of one CIA document that discussed a dinner sponsored by Oren Fenton Potito, an individual listed as a President of the Eastern Synod of Christian Identity and an organizer of the National States’ Rights Party (NSRP), who also happened to be a member of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK). In the now declassified document, Potito acknowledged an association between Lee Harvey Oswald and a man identified as Ruby, formally Rubenstein, otherwise known Jack Ruby. Interestingly, both Oswald and Ruby had ties to the Marcello crime family.

Another revelation in the memo below added to already existing expert testimony concerning the probability of multiple shooters on November 22nd, 1963…

It’s worth noting that both NSRP and the KKK were both heavily infiltrated by the FBI’s COINTELPRO program, a counter-intelligence program that was specifically designed to influence, disrupt, coerce and discredit political factions from the inside out. The secretive FBI program infiltrated both left and right-wing political groups across America from 1956-1971. Moreover, the controversial program influenced, radicalized and neutralized political dissidents through the use of divisive tactics such as Bad-Jacketing, a technique which manufactured false evidence, fear and rumors regarding various activists. Since NSRP and the KKK were FBI infiltrated groups, it is much more likely that anyone associated with Potito would have already been well-known to authorities.

In essence, the document pictured above provides more evidence that Oswald was in reality a known wolf – one who is still without a clear motive in the crime of which he was accused.

In October of 2017, another controversial nugget in the JFK files was a memo written by FBI Director Hoover after Oswald was shot by Ruby. The memo revealed that the head of FBI was concerned that the bureau needed to ‘convince’ the public that Oswald acted alone in the Kennedy assassination. A portion of Hoover’s memo read “The thing I am concerned about, and so is Mr. Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.”

Other intriguing aspects included in the recent releases concerned the informant status of Dallas police officer J.D Tippit and his alleged involvement in the Kennedy assassination as a trigger man. According to the official narrative Tippit was shot by Oswald 45 minutes after Kennedy’s homicide, but the newly circulated memo states that Tippit met with Oswald and Ruby at a nightclub a week prior to the shooting.

An additional memo released suggested that the UK’s Cambridge News received a warning call 25 minutes prior to JFK’s death. This information was written in a memo by then FBI Deputy Director James Angleton to Hoover. However, since this story was made public in late October, Cambridge News has denied  that the tip-off ever occurred. Other JFK file details suggest a US plan to create a false flag scenario using Soviet planes to carry out attacks.

In Summary 

There’s been a host of characters and Deep State actors that have an uncanny connection surrounding a swirling conspiracy in JFK’s death and this article covers only a fraction of the overwhelming intelligence backdrop associated with the case, not to mention the highly suspicious forensic elements involved in the shooting itself. While varying theories in the JFK murder plot have implicated everyone from the CIA to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), to lurking spymasters, crime bosses and oil barons to pro-Castro Cubans, to Cuban exiles and trade executives – one thing is clear, due to its own compromising alliances, elements within the US government deliberately stonewalled convincing and credible information prudent to the American people regarding the now mythic case.

Moreover, the symbolic nature of JFK’s violent end, along with the establishment’s masking of Oswald’s intelligence links to high-ranking officials and other syndicate members perpetually forces the American to people to relive the ritualistic trauma of that dark November day on a time loop without any true resolution.

The further one digs into America’s seedy underworld of organized crime, intelligence operations, unlikely coincidences and covert relationships concerning the mysterious plot to kill Kennedy, a highly intricate web of activity emerges that points to a compelling case beyond almost any other modern-day conspiracy.

21WIRE associate editor Shawn Helton is a researcher and writer, specializing in forensic analysis of high-profile crime scene and counter terrorism investigations, and the deconstruction and analysis of the mass-media coverage surrounding those cases. He has compiled an extensive body of work covering a number of high-profile events since 2012.

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