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Bezos-Owned Washington Post Running PR for Bezos-Owned Amazon ‘HQ2’

21st Century Wire says…

When the news broke in 2013 that Amazon.com founder and Bilderberg member Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, we started asking the same question many others were asking at the time: what does it mean for the paper and what will happen next? 

As the media whips up a public frenzy over which city will go to what extreme lengths to prove their worthiness of hosting the online retailer’s next company headquarters – replete with an odd reality TV like competition backdrop – we now see further signs of exactly what the plan was all along.

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According to Adam Johnson, contributing analyst for FAIR.org, the Washington Post has been caught reposting Amazon press releases in their coverage of the ‘HQ2’ story. This amounts to essentially copy and paste PR by the Bezos-owned newspaper on behalf of Bezos-owned Amazon – with no regard for citation or explanation of the projected economic benefits a host city could expect to receive. If only quality control of shipping their news at the ‘Amazon Washington Post’ was as tight as shipping their retail.

Continue reading about this story at FAIR.org…

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