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Henningsen: Obama White House Colluded with Facebook to Fabricate ‘Russian Bot’ Conspiracy

WASHINGTON DC – This week the Senate Intelligence Committee finally gave an update on its continuing investigation into whether Russia actually had anything to do with the 2016 Election. If anyone was expecting any actual evidence to be presented, they would have been sorely disappointed, again. 

Still, that’s not going to stop Official Washington from burning though more public money to try and prove a conspiracy theory. “The issue of collusion is still open,” said committee chairman, Richard Burr of North Carolina (R). “We have more work to do as it relates to collusion, but we’re developing a clearer picture of what happened.”

Likewise, the committee’s ranking Democrat, Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, admitted they had nothing, but implored Americans to ‘be on guard of the Russian.’

“The Russian active measures did not end on Election Day 2016,” said Warner. He maintains that the US should adopt a “more aggressive ‘whole government’ approach” to combat Russian influence on the vulnerable minds of unsuspecting Americans.

However, yesterday 21WIRE revealed via Consortium News – that it was Senator Warner, along with the Obama White House, who colluded with Silicon Valley giant Facebook in 2016, with Warner making multiple trips to Palo Alto to pressure Facebook to produce some ‘evidence’ that Warner and his colleagues could hold up as proof of ‘Russian Bots’ using Facebook to interfere in the 2016 Election. As it turns out, this was fake news fabricated by Washington and its mainstream media partners.

21WIRE editor Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT International yesterday about these developments, and how the US government is using their own fake news in order to shut down competition in the information sphere. By definition, that collusion between big government and corporations is classic fascism. Watch:

“What I will confirm is that the Russian intelligence service is determined, clever,” Senator Burr said. “And I recommend that every campaign and every election official take this very seriously.”

Russiagate has really turned into a Vaudeville act.

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