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Ben Carson Home Vandalized with Anti-Trump Graffiti, CNN Accuses Him of Lying

21st Century Wire says…

The culture wars continue to ramp-up after events in Charlottesville.

White House Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson reported on Wednesday that his Virginia home was “vandalized by people who also wrote hateful rhetoric about President Trump.”

“We were out of town, but other kind, embarrassed neighbors cleaned up most of the mess before we returned,” he said.

Carson issued a statement in which he noted a personal experience of an incident which took place after he and is wife previously purchased a farm in Maryland:

“One of the neighbors immediately put up a Confederate flag. A friend of ours who is an African-American three-star general was coming to visit and immediately turned around concluding that he was in the wrong place. Interestingly, all the other neighbors immediately put up American flags shaming the other neighbor who took down the Confederate flag.”

“In both instances, less than kind behavior was met by people taking the high road…”

“We could all learn from these examples. Hatred and bigotry unfortunately still exists in our country and we must all continue to fight it, but let’s use the right tools.”

Unfortunately, Carson’s comments were met with a cynical and disrespectful response from the divisive gatekeepers at CNN, who proceeded to insult the African-American Republican cabinet minister. Incredibly, CNN’s “national political reporter” Maeve Reston implied he was lying, saying  that Carson’s “anecdote is worth a FACT-CHECK”:

Along with the criminal act of vandalism, CNN’s attack on Carson also proves that the New Left in America do not accept the presence of an African-American, or ‘black’ conservative in politics, and will seek to undermine him simply for being in ‘the wrong party.’

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