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Revealed: Loretta Lynch Given Talking Points for Secret Clinton ‘Tarmac Meeting’

21st Century Wire says…

Clearly, below the surface of current events, the 2016 election process is still ongoing, and a partisan war is going on for control of the White House. This latest news could very well be used as a bargaining chip by Trump’s faction behind the scenes.

Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch claims her secret meeting with Bill Clinton was about “golf and grand kids.”

It seems like this was simply part of her prepared talking points, which would indicate that Lynch was lying to the public about the true nature of that crucial conversation…

ABC15 Phoenix

PHOENIX – Newly released documents reveal former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was prepared for questions about the now-infamous tarmac meeting at Sky Harbor International Airport with former President Bill Clinton.

The private meeting happened in Phoenix on the evening of June 27, 2016, a matter of hours before the Obama Department of Justice decision on whether then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had revealed classified information when using a private email account while secretary of state.

ABC15’s Christopher Sign broke the story of the tarmac meeting two days later, prompting a chain of events that would include an unprecedented news conference by then-FBI Director James Comey.

Documents reveal Department of Justice staffers were given a ‘heads-up’ that ABC15 had learned about the meeting, and assisted the Attorney General on how to address any potential questions from reporters…

Large portions of the hundreds of emails have been redacted, but what remains gives rare insight into the crisis-mode reaction by the DOJ. At least ten high-level staffers were involved in an e-mail chain discussing how to handle the situation, crafting talking points for the Attorney General…

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