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Fiore: Bundy Ranch Case Drags on Because ‘FBI Has No Evidence to Prosecute Them With’

21st Century Wire says…

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore reports for Newsmax TV in Las Vegas, about the ongoing federal trial involving rancher Cliven Bundy and his family. 

In this video report, Fiore claims to have new “inside information” regarding the federal criminal case which continues to be extended by federal authorities, and where Bundy and his family have been held in federal custody for over 18 months now.

According to Fiore, the FBI actually have no evidence to prosecute the Bundys ( based on a raft of inflated charges piled into the original federal complaint here: 298981770-Criminal-Complaint-re-Cliven-Bundy-pdf ), and are relying solely on pressuring fringe actors in the case who are also in custody, in order that they might testify against the Bundys.

If Fiore’s claims are true, then this could mean good news for the family. Meanwhile, the public must wait and see what will happen next. WATCH:


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