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SYRIA: Washington, Tel-Aviv, Riyadh Colluding to Escalate Conflict in Syria and Beyond

US of Israel2

21st Century Wire says…

As Washington’s hyperbole and aggression in Syria increase in line with their frustration at being out-smarted and out maneuvered at every turn by a battle hardened Syrian Arab Army, we see exposed, the soft underbelly of Riyadh. Tel-Aviv and Washington’s unholy alliance and its even unholier geopolitical agenda in the region. 

Lines are blurred between the US overworld rogue state and its underworld terrorist proxies on the ground, committing atrocities on a daily basis against the SAA and the Syrian people on behalf of the three main protagonists in this expansionist war. Distinctions are harder to make between the war crimes and International law violations by the US & Israel in the ‘overworld’ and the bloodthirsty, quasi-satanic exploits of Riyadh’s ‘Orcs’ in the underworld. For each of these slavering, rapacious states, Iran is the ultimate prey and Syria is the bridge to a global conflict that would threaten the existence of our planet.

The following article was written by Stephen Lendman and published at Global Research:

US of Israel

The fundamental goals of both countries [US & Israel] are regime change and destroying Syrian sovereignty. They partner in each other’s wars.

Both seek regional hegemony, wanting independent Syria and Iran transformed into pro-Western vassal states, their hydrocarbon resources looted, their people subjugated, their countries balkanized for easier control.

The road to Tehran runs through Damascus. The diabolical scheme involves taking down Syria first, naked aggression the strategy, isolating Iran, then launching a similar plan to replace Islamic Republic governance with pro-Western rule.

That’s how imperialism works, the human cost of no consequence to achieve objectives. Russian objections and warnings to Washington and its rogue allies accomplish nothing.

Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov calling White House “statements on Syrian armed forces getting ready to use chemical weapons…complete nonsense…assumptions based on nothing”, won’t deter whatever actions Washington may have in mind.

On Wednesday, it’s unclear what Sergey Lavrov meant by saying Russia’s “reaction will be dignified and proportionate to the situation that may take shape.”

Dealing with hostile actions by Washington and its rogue allies against Syria diplomatically doesn’t work. Repeated US-led aggressive acts show likely more coming, maybe incidents far more serious than already.

Russia’s failure to act more decisively against US-led aggression is an invitation for more. Washington knows it can get away with escalated war on Syria, justifying the unjustifiable with phony pretexts – as long as Russia does nothing more than complain.

US spy planes increased flights off Syria’s coast. The likely nuclear-armed USS GHW Bush aircraft carrier is scheduled to arrive in Haifa, Israel on July 1 – purportedly for a four-day visit.

The warship operates in eastern Mediterranean waters, participating in US naked aggression on Syria.

On Wednesday evening local time, IDF warplanes struck Syrian military positions for the fourth time in recent days.

This time Quneitra in Syrian-controlled Golan was targeted – again on the phony pretext of errant projectiles landing (harmlessly) in the illegally Israeli occupied Heights.

Smoke rise from Syrian village as a result of fighting near the city of Quneitra, in the Golan Heights, 24 June 2017. ( Photo: GlobalResearch)

They were likely fired by US and Israeli-supported terrorists to provoke a hostile reaction. Repeated incidents escalate conflict, resolving it getting harder because Washington and its rogue allies want war, not peace.

When the latest incident occurred, Netanyahu was in northern Israel Katzrin, commemorating the establishment of the town 40 years earlier.

Commenting on the latest cross-border Israeli aggression, he warned that:

“…those who fire into our territory will encounter a swift response.”

During commemorative ceremonies, he arrogantly said:

“…(we) are always amazed that there is still someone who says we will return the Golan.”

“The Golan is ours and the Golan will always be ours. The Golan is ours because it belonged to our forefathers, and because it was taken back by us due to Syrian aggression.”

Israel seized Golan territory by June 1967 naked aggression, illegally occupying it, lawlessly annexing it in 1981. The world community considers it Syrian territory.

Each year a General Assembly resolution titled “The Occupied Syrian Golan” affirms the illegality of Israeli occupation and annexation – flagrantly violating Security Council Resolutions 242 (1967) and 338 (1973), calling for complete Israeli withdrawal from all illegally occupied Arab territories, including Golan.

Security Council Resolution 479 (1981) called Israel’s annexation of Golan illegal.

On Tuesday, the IDF declared occupied Golan near Syria’s border a “closed military zone,” prohibiting civilian access.

Does Israel intend using it as a launching pad for further aggressive cross-border provocations?

Do US-supported terrorists plan another CW attack, maybe a major one, falsely blamed on Syrian forces?

Will the Trump administration use a CW attack on Syrian territory, if one occurs, to escalate aggression on government and allied forces more than already?

Will Russia again only act rhetorically, not decisively, if this scenario happens? Are events heading toward escalated conflict, undermining Moscow-led efforts to resolve things diplomatically?

Syria remains a hugely dangerous regional flashpoint. US rage for dominance risks potential conflict with Russia and Iran in the battle over whether the country’s sovereignty will be saved or destroyed.


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